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Like i said we don't spend a lot of time on this but to me. The evidence of the conspiracy is evident in what you just said in that at the at the management level that you're talking about yeah there's no conspiracy. I control your job dude. I control your tenure. I control what conferences you go to. Don't go to. It doesn't look it doesn't have to look like a conspiracy to you. It just looks like you. You know being able to go home and face her wife and say yeah before going to still be able to make mortgage payments but at a level above that which you just as you just talked about you said. The church wanted to control the narrative because they wanted to be in control. Well that's conspiratorial and clearly as right now as more and more gets revealed today about how completely corrupt the churches. But we don't ever wanna call the church on that you know. We still have to walk carefully in science you know. My thing has been this idea of controlling the narrative about consciousness that there can be no extended consciousness that any kind of spiritual experience that people are having completely the delusion it doesn't happen in the holding to that in the face of all evidence to country is conspiratorial. Its way to control and social engineer. People so i think this idea of when you look through the all this stuff from the social engineering lens and in and start accepting that and this is rome. This is what i love about row is that you know the romans do this. Two thousand years ago that when you about social engineering about controlling the people as an alternative to dominating the people through war we can dominate the people through beliefs and ideas and stuff like that so we don't have to kind of agree on that don't have to hash out any further because let's get back to come to the book a little bit indirectly and that's that this story about second century rome in judea is just..

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