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On best, practices for adopting a new technology or new business practice And given them. Helpful tips that are kind of skill based like shortcuts to do whatever task is. the second thing related more to the the inspirational role, so we found that that inspiration really coming out transformational leadership theory like good. CEOS always have great stories to tell an entertaining style usually drake by humor. So both those you know the entertaining side as well as the visual storytelling part Dr Inspiration that leads to the thought leadership, the other element was the engagement style now engagements only GonNa work to a point that drives empathy. So just engaging for sake engaging shown courtesy, or whatever that's going to work at the end. It's just a path where people could say. Wow, you really do. Represent our voice, and you do have sort of this compassion or feelings towards us to where you're willing to risk your own social capital and share content with your many many followers. They have to see that Enters this what we called? Dial logic responsiveness, which means you're not just answering your basically answering with the intent to drive a conversation. So this is like it with our students. We tell them that every time somebody has a comet. That's an opportunity for you to further the con- conversation, but it's gotta maintain track towards wet. A community was developed. But you know if I could use an example, Leo and you know I was commenting him on, I says man says I look at your oppose, and how long or Com answer, this is you've got big followings I hate that. I don't want that. Hey, way to go, LE- You rock. It says they just broke the dialogue. The good thought leaders are like. How can I take that comment? And turn it into. That's an interesting point. And now my response to them continues the dialogue. So start leaves have not only a long trail of commentary. We you know we call it. Be Talk Worthy. But it the, they're so crafting how they do it that it keeps advancing their costs. You see that a lot of the that's one of the things that I think in the B. Two B. spaces losses. Lot of people tend to post. Run the post the content somebody'll say something nice and long say thanks for the comment. You know they don't get in and create the dialogue and. Relationship Marketing it really is about the relationship in. One on one, you know. Hey, that's a really great point. Well, here's my take on that. What do you think you know, so you're? You're starting conversation as post to just trying to be a thought leader and say here's what I think, and that's the end of the story. Yeah, so I mean even if you listen to Seth Godin speak when somebody asked him a question, he engages that person in the answer. You notice yeah exactly. This piece that I had done itself more of the comments from the leaders were about why I would have thought by I was a coach or I would have thought it was an analyst, and then I would say. Here's a perspective that we got, but it was kind of driving for. Let's let's continue this dialogue on some of the elements of a coach versus a tudor versus. In a whole dialogue, otherwise somebody coming into a brand new is just maybe going to field your comment on. Thank you very much and dies out fast. One last piece of this is we talked..

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