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Packers round out the top five. That's what the power rankings. Say let's talk about what Las Vegas says. New England is plus one hundred ten to win in conference per Caesar's that is the best odds odds to win either conference by any team in the league. Actually if Vegas were to make the prediction right now it would be new England and New Orleans in the Super Bowl so I'm gonNA run a quick hurry up with you here. Dominic Foxworth if the playoffs were to start right now. Who which do things are being the Super Bowl I think saints chiefs I think the saints are very impressive? And what's most impressive about them. It's not their their defense is better. It's they're so resilient is that they came back from this and still put up a great season. They came back from Minneapolis. Miracle and put up a great season which is impressive. The president then. Also obviously I think the chiefs defense is much better than they were last year. They aren't good but they're better and practically mahomes is GonNa Cook what he does. Saturday your super bowl if it started. I'm going the forty niners and Ravens takes to outside the box. I like Volcker here forty Niner Shanahan. He just does so many things well he gets his best players the ball and allows them to do what they do. And then we talked about Lamar Jackson meet showed friend of impeachable. Plays about Lamar Jackson. which again you will their defense? Because they're fresh they eight play better. They knocked off the Patriots of starting today. That's where I'm going. Okay and did you notice neither one of you in the AFC picked the Patriots. So let's stay there. Let's talk about Antonio Antonio Brown but yesterday took to twitter to offer an apology to the Patriots team. Owner Robert Kraft read Mr Crap. I Apologize sincerely to you and your organization. All I wanted to be was an asset to the organization. Sorry for the bad media and the drama. Thank you sincerely. A I ask you Dominic Foxworth.

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