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Com today. Daisy ash, NewsRadio WFL traffic problems. Call the injury firm Abraham's and in Utah traffic tip line Hillsboro, eight six six five four five ninety five ninety five feeling mild this morning, but temperatures climb very quickly. Our humidity is actually touch lower today. So our after noon high makes it to ninety one which is only two degrees from the record high of ninety three ten percent chance of afternoon thunderstorms developing it's mostly clear overnight with a low of seventy three similar day tomorrow. Hot at ninety one ten percent rain chance out of the water today. Northeast winds. Becoming north west five to ten knots light shop on the bay. I'm news channel eight meteorologist lease span Audi folks, it's winning time from AMD PM. Listen up George shot at one thousand dollars now. Text nationwide two hundred you'll get a confirmation text and involved in this nationwide. Contest that gum. Two hundred two hundred in the churches survive, and that doesn't even begin to tell the various story about what is happening to these children who are government because of the Democrats is just abandoning and and dooming to a life of real hell. A report from the border in one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program. So synthetic identity theft occurs. When a criminal creates an identity instead of stealing in existing one. So what they do is they take real social security numbers or fake numbers and pieces of other information names addresses birth dates, and they put together an entirely new identity without people a day.

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