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Yeah. But what you've edgy when gore though, because it's a little warm down in there as you get buried children. So they could grow up inside the planet. Yes. Actually, have you seen the recent abortion laws passed by democratic states? Yes. Actually. Yes. I'm glad there's gonna be some human rights. Humans have just been kicked around on this planet for far too long far too long. How long have I screamed about humans? Forever. Yeah. Forever and their right to live in the planet. So he's elected president. It will be a socialist country. Which is why he will not be elected president pretty well guarantee that triple eight nine hundred thirty three eighty three it is nice to see individuals who see a problem and have the courage to take a stand and try to affect change. No matter what the conditions. No matter what they're faced with like, Victoria, Hearst who has been on a incredible campaign to take on media, giant cosmopolitan magazine. And it's interesting because her family, the Hearst corporation, publishes cosmopolitan magazine, but she believes contains pornography that's harmful to kids. And so she wanted to not be available to kids. So if you're under eighteen it should be able to buy the magazine just that easy. So material harmful to minor laws would be applied to Cosmo. And every state. Just like it is playboy magazine or penthouse or whatever. If you'd like to learn more about Cosmo hurts kids campaign Goto, Cosmo hurts kids dot com. This is not about free speech..

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