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It's Wednesday September second I'm Mary Regalado and here's your local news from the Los Angeles Times brought to you by lucky charms medical mission. Enjoy a new addition to family time with lucky leprechauns interactive adventure where you'll be jumping running and singing to restore magic in the eight charm lands available on your smart speaker just say open lucky charms magical mission or search for it wherever you listen to podcasts. Today will be mostly sunny with a high in the mid eighties and a low tonight of sixty three. Our top story Governor Gavin newsom signed a bill Monday to extend protections against evictions by five months for California renters facing financial hardship because of the covid nineteen pandemic, the bill takes effect immediately and it means that renters will not be evicted through January thirty. First, as long as they pay at least twenty, five percent of their rent, they must also file A. Declaration with their landlord attesting that they are suffering financial hardship because of the pandemic many tenant advocates were disappointed in the new law though and the advocates worry that renters will not be able to pay rent by February I. Furthermore, they fear that renters will still be on the hook for background with landlords able to take them to small claims court to collect. In education the University of California must immediately suspend all use of sat and act test scores for admission and scholarship decisions. The suspension is the result of a preliminary injunction on Monday by an Alameda County Superior Court judge the ruling came in a lawsuit asserting that the use of standardized test scores is particularly detrimental to students with disabilities who seek to take the test during the pandemic. The judge also ruled that there was sufficient cause to stop the tests for now, because applicants with disabilities had no access to test taking sites or legally required accommodations during the pandemic. Additionally, the judge said that little data existed to show whether the tests were valid or reliable indicators of students future. College performance. In crime, news prosecutors are reviewing allegations of misconduct by four Los. Angeles police officers during protests in early. June. The LAPD is also investigating why some police supervisors told officers to take off their body cameras during the protests an LAPD spokesman said, the four officers were involved in an arrest for an alleged curfew violation on June first in Van Nuys Internal Affairs had initially reviewed the actions of ten officers involved in the incident and LAPD chief Michael. Moore has previously said that officers were under investigation by internal affairs after they surrounded and smashed the window of a car in Van Nuys on June first. And finally after decades of trying to replace its terminal the Hollywood Burbank airport may once again see the project delayed due to the pandemics impact on travel federal regulators warned the airport in nineteen eighty that it's terminal was too close to the runways and now nearly forty years later on environmental study has been completed to replace it with a fourteen gate terminal and parking structure. But after the project overcame legal disputes and neighborhood opposition limited air travel has made funding difficult still.

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