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You can okay so let's talk about what is happening with robin williams right in your efforts to get sharon meadow renamed after rock ron williams can you tell me about that for just a saying i think this is an uh an ongoing effort but my lovely wife debbie she's a producer executive producer of a thing called comedy day which happens this sunday by the way uh in either to right yeah it's a forty comic it's it's like our company eight picnic it'll but it free at free to everybody and instead of having three legged sack races you know we all go out and perform for five minutes so there's forty com eight known to five concert and we're all been nobody knew this but robin was a big time benefactor did comedy day actually we weren't allowed to mention his name so uh when when he he did drop a check on us which saved us many years uh and allowed us to put a concert on we always what we call them the ego so would the czech came to egal had landed and whatever he will didn't town if he wasn't out filming he would make a huge dump down in and do a quick five minutes and he was still gracious he didn't he didn't want to take up waste time he didn't want to be the the big time guy you would just hang backstage like everybody else you would do fly i bet it and that was any was always uh she'll gracious and generous with his time and you know for a closure leaves muddy so my wife made it a concerted effort to get that meadow which was only referred to a sure metal was never name share a medal because they have the the building would next to it oh which is a bit sharon building so it was so they get double medal renamed robin williams meadow and that'll be announced at comedy day day known the five and.

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