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They fumbled a kickoff. They like there was a skirmish early in the game between Evans in Lattimore. Like they're just seemed to be like a lot of like these. Kind of like I dunno like discipline issues let's say like. Certain things that seem like unforced issues. and I wonder how you think Brady is GonNa react to that because he has been in such a place. That's he's been a places and not that New England's perfect but it's very buttoned up. They don't generally make mistakes. If they do make mistake, it's not like it's going to lead to three more, right. So like right, how do you think Brady like walks away and digest all of that like knowing where he came from what it's been like for him for twenty years right I can only speak from my own experiences and every when I left New England. You have an appreciation for what they do when you're there but you really have a better appreciation for once you leave because you understand that not all teams are created the same not all coaches are the same in everybody handles those type of the just the general philosophies differently and I know that New England and Bill Belichick and what they do with situational football and how they don't the always hear the term you know D- don't hurt. Yourself are don't kill yourself with like penalties like you said, that was a huge momentum change in the game when they jumped off sides on fourth and one and all that stuff But you know when you when you do that kind of stuff, you put yourself in a bad position as a football team because it's so decided by usually one or two places throughout the course of the season and new. England's the best at situational football in. The small intricacies, the monotonous. Excuse me the meticulous The meticulous attention to detail that they have in New England really shows up on Sundays in you very rarely see those type of situations come up and when they do it's kind of shocking but other teams across the League it happens all the time and it is it blows my mind in but it goes back to to bill belichick in his greatness in what he's able to achieve with those players in the communication that takes place to make them understand how important these. Aspects. Of the game are to not beat ourselves come Sunday in. So there's gotta be a level adjustment for him as well in terms of how they manage those type of situations. Okay. I want to spend around the league a little bit in the second one. Last thing I'm Brady are you and I'm put you on the spot here. Are you more optimistic about where he is the puck nears or less optimistic about worries? The buccaneers then you were at four o'clock on Sunday Well I was interested in I. You know what?.

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