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Businessman who is trying to engage in russia and was not viewing them as an adversary for heaven's sakes our own president and secretary of the state had much the same attitude and you go back to prison obama's off the microphone comment about you know wait till after the election and we'll have more flexibility they viewed russia as a potential partner not an adversary that's the way the world was nearly ten years ago or eight years ago so i think he got put a and and donald trump has in a politician is a businessman he was trying to create business relationships air so you're not going to go to russia and criticize ladimir putin when you want to develop relationship well doesn't that suggest that trump's view of putin and his views of russia were influenced greatly by his own interest in doing business and making money rushing i in twenty twelve there's no question that's true as was every business mail beyond two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen is when he first signs the letter of intent for our moscow and then again while running for president in two thousand fifteen ace second letter of intent to build at trump tower he was doing what hillary clinton and brock obama and other us officials were trying to get us businessmen to do and fifteen we were sanctioning russia we were sanctioning it's financial it's time to point they were trying to facilitate business relationships with russia we were trying to remember the reset russia's no longer enemy okay so he was going to great depth on the reset in russian roulette by the way so he for my for my book well he was doing what the us government was was encouraging business leaders to do and that is to do business and to develop business relationships now i gotta come back my second point though and that is this look i've been clear on my disagreement with him on his on his phone call but you have to understand that's one phone call and i you and i agree it was probably an appropriate but you can't disregard the other four or five things that i've said it's the policy you i mean again it's just a stretch for me to say that.

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