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Low 30s closer to D.C.. It is 7 41. Now the latest details on another mass shooting in the U.S., this one in Colorado, the victims have been named by the Colorado Springs police department who held a moment of silence today in their honor. They are Raymond green Vance, Kelly loving, Daniel astin, Derek rump, and Ashley pa court records show 22 year old Anderson Lee Aldridge to suspected of the killing at a gay nightclub late Saturday facing 5 counts of first degree murder also several hate crime charges. Colorado Springs police chief Adrian Vasquez as two patrons subdued the shooter who was believed to have used an AR-15 style semi-automatic weapon and a handgun. We want to acknowledge their heroic actions, they are Thomas James and Richard fierro. Aldrich was arrested last year after his mother reportedly threatened her with a homemade bomb. Meanwhile, two New York men are facing a numerous charges after making threats against the Jewish community after authorities spotted social media posts about attacking a synagogue. Christopher Brown from Long Island was arrested at Penn station Friday night, mayor Eric Adams says he made online threats to attack a New York City synagogue. This was not an idle threat. This was a real threat. According to the criminal complaint, the 21 year old operates a white supremacist Twitter group and tweeted, should I become a husband or shoot up a synagogue and die? Police recovered a gun and extended 30 round magazine a hunting knife ski mask and Nazi armband in New York City in 2022. 22 year old Matthew Mara was arrested with brown, the FBI says there's no information. This is a continued threat. Julie Walker, New York. There is significant concern in Eastern Europe that Western countries will stop helping Ukraine in its war with Russia. That, according to Estonia's ambassador to the U.S., would be a huge mistake. The way this war and will define the future as we will know it. Christian prick ambassador from Estonia to the United States with a stark warning. And not just the future of people in Ukraine. He says the outcome will impact the entire region and not just that. The rest of the world as well. And this he says is the most important thing of all that we stick together and that we also acknowledge the opportunities if we get this thing right. Getting it right will take time. A lot of money and has already has been demonstrated. It will take lives in Ukraine. JJ green, WTO news. Coming up on WTO, we have Monday Night Football out

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