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Community and wham radio dot com. Calvary Chapel and Harbor is a non denominational church characterized by verse by verse, Bible teaching contemporary worship in an atmosphere of love and grace. Here's Dave Graham been pastor of Calvary Chapel and Harbor in John, Chapter six. Jesus miraculously feeds 5000 men, plus women and Children with only five loaves of bread and two small fish. He could take just a little and multiply it. That's how we could work in our lives we given the little we have our talents, spiritually gifts time resource is, and he's able to multiply what we offer him. Five years ago, Calvin Chaplain Arbor purchase its facility, which includes a church building in a Cape Cod house, both of which had to be gutted and renovated but began And there was a small number of people. Folks would ask us how we gonna pay for the renovations are response. I don't know. But his money comes in. We'll proceed and God supplied incredibly, for example, school system was selling used equipment. Someone was able to purchase 238 HP printers for pennies on the dollar. The printers were donated to the church, then sold online $15,000 were raised in all Division came from other sources as well. Items donated checks received in the mail. Generous giving the renovations are now complete. We're meeting in the church is growing, God is able to take what we have and multiply it wonderfully. Thanks for listening. Calvary Chapel in Harbor meets each Sunday at 9:30:11 A.m. and their newly renovated facility near Platon Packard in the neighborhood behind the Rite Aid visit CC Ann Arbor Day adorned for details, Calvary Chapel and Harbor a spring of water in the desert. Why.

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