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Bad then phillies. You bring it to me but his sake Philli's open it up. What is it. what is your bob. I don't have to open up. I can tell to the press. Show it to the fans. People want to know what it is. You really yeah it's a cold taco supreme from taco bell. Ooh what a gift that's it. You're not going to open it. I know what it is. It's rude open the gifts fuck you say this right now all right if i opened this up and put an ipad if this is some futuristic talk oh that's going to do something for me right i wanna go fuck it. I might not even do the fucking podcast. Well let me just see what it is. Because i want to know all right. Let's open it up all right. What is it oh it's cold taco fucking supreme. Oh it is like. I said but eat it though no i. Can't i throw it at her then out of anger and frustration to the side. Thank you so much airy. Good very good. Do you want the taco. Yeah okay okay. I also want say shot. I also want to say this. Would i get you for your birthday. And you may think where's the fucking mike anyway. Stuff anyway So much for the gifts. I don't know why toy story. I've never saw the movies. Why who did it again. What i like nines do it again. I like knives we have aboard..

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