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And so the rob he's getting the ball there on time to the route and spot needs to be he doesn't do. So because he's gotten away in high school and in college of being able to make some throws at others. Can't from an off bounce position thing Jay Cutler thing Matthew, Stafford think Jeff George thing. I think guys like that and coaches have been like we've got other. To worry about you know, that's something he can work on his own. And if he's productive for us. Well, you know, I mean, we can talk to him about it. But that's up to him to work on it. And if we're winning or were doing or he's our best quarterback in that, you know, at that that this juncture doing those things, then whatever. And I think that what happens is when he I watched him against better opponents like top SEC teams like Alabama and Florida and LSU teams like that. You would see him try to play the way he supposed to which is with tempo with better footwork, and he would look better in those instances where he executed that. But because he was playing teams that were able to break down his offense of line quicker as the game started to progress, and he had less and less time, you know, that kind of fellow part two for him. But he's also the consistency being able to do it wasn't there. Because when you have all these layers of skills that you're learning a quarterback. You can't just. Turn them on and off like a light switch. They have to be consistent like thermostat and he doesn't have thermostat game. He has a light. Switch game right now in you and for quarterback in the NFL, those baseline skills need to be lights. You know, be thermostat consistent, Pat, Mahomes with his off balanced footwork. And all the things that he did one of things I always talked about with him as if people over emphasize all that off platform stuff because if you actually wash his feet, they were very quick and precise. And maybe they weren't always according to the to the, you know, very prototypical technique you're looking for, but he threw from balanced positions. And he got set in the way that he needed to or with lock. You're not seeing that. So I'm have real concerns about him being consistent. He'll make throws people. Go see that's a top five play right there. And I'll go that's great. You found the four leaf clover clover patch now don't but instead of telling me that there's four leaf clovers all over the clover. Patch while. See if you can find fifteen more of those for me before you start telling me that this is the lucky clover patch that you found. You know, let me let me throw something else out for you in reference to to lock in something that that bothered me. And it's not footwork. It's not necessarily fundamentals something that bothers me when I watched drew lock play is the number of times he makes throws where his wide receivers. Get crushed times. He basically throws wide receivers into trouble. Am I just am? I am I imagining that or is that something that speaks to his judgment. Or what does that speak to? I think it speaks to the same thing. I'm talking with just another symptom of the problem because when you when you lean on your arm to bail you out, and you you're not thinking ahead. And if you're thinking ahead, you become more considered a factors like where do I place the ball for the? Wide receiver. You know? Because if you're if you're Tom Brady your Peyton Manning, or or, you know, even ally, you know, as best is that when you have time to drop back survey the field do things in rhythm, and you're playing with the tempo you need to. So that you can tip information. You're not just trying to fit the ball to the open, man. So if you're not throwing with anticipation, if you're.

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