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You. I'm not trigger at social media person but what can they do to connect with us social media but i you know i'm not okay <hes>. I'm not an influencer. I don't think so i i just kind of i keep in touch with friends that way and i i throw out little things every once in a while. I'll do this or a look. You know. Facebook is famous for showing something that happened for years ago. Go and you go. Oh god that's four years ago is they. Throw it back up during a hey. I did that for years ago. Can you believe that kind of stuff it adesco by fast. I will say that when some of those memories pop up. I can't believe the time that is kind of the time capsule way way back when i know when i was in fifth grade they wanted us to plant those things in the you know dig up berry in a school yard or something twenty years from now. You can come back and dig it up while we don't have to do that anymore. Because facebook's going to send it on over to you so you've got a good point there but <hes> in l. a. websites or anything where somebody can follow you and see kind of the things that you have coming up or anything like i guess i'm the real richard karn on on twitter. I think i'm i'm richard. Karn and i don't know i honestly i'm very works. I love that. I really love the genuine the the genuineness of what you're saying because you just do what you do and that is what's most important to you and i think that that's really what it's all about and what what working you say about that so thank you so much for being on the show today. This is really exciting. I i really am impressed. Crest with that what you just said..

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