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They they have a season to get ready DeWayne Haskins to get ready because he lies going to play. I still think that drew lock and Daniel Jones are the guys to keep an eye on moving up in somebody really going in all in on one of those two, and I still think I talked to Jay Bilas about Daniel Jones. Daniel Jones went to. Jay Bilas coach team in a Jay Bilas told me at the final four Daniel Jones is athletic enough to play for Duke basketball. He could have he could have played on the team this year. That's how good athlete he is. And Bill said he's as tough as any kid. I've ever been around. He said, he broke his right, arm, wrist or hand, something and he's right handed. He played left-handed in Jay said he was still the best player on the floor. So I think Daniel Jones, and then there's a relationship with ally. Manning that that's the one I keep hearing. I haven't seen it printed anywhere. And there's you know, nothing to go on other than a scout saying Daniel Jones ally, David cut cliff the coach at Duke that relationship cut cliffs relationship with Peyton Manning. And that you have a guy that ally would love to I'm sure bring along and mentor. So that's what I keep hearing. I saw where Mike Florio pro football talks. He can see five quarterbacks taken in the first round. So if that's the case, I got Cuyler Murray. I got Daniel Jones. I got drew lock. I got Haskins. Then you got Steadham. Will Greer anybody else? Mclovin. Northwestern Thorson got hurt. Yeah. Yeah. There's a couple other the big kid out of buffalo that you. I I like him allowing Jackson. Yeah. I like him a lot. He's he's pass at six six mar. I know I know when you watch buffalo football this year. And yes, I watched buffalo football this year. You would see this guy, and you go, wait a minute. He's like in the too big to play against the you know with these guys against these guys. I mean, he was just a massive quarterback. Yeah. Mclovin. It's a pretty amazing basketball draft. He's drew lock was a big time D one recruit Gail Jones was was recruit and anti Jackson played high school basketball. So I don't know what that does anybody. Yes. Phone go met the report you had about Daniel Jones and Dwayne Haskins Dwayne Haskins in college was a seventy percent passer Daniel Jones with a sixty percent passer. But what do doing Haskins has accuracy issues? I think just. Off what you said what they do is some Bill rate. Your accuracy of is there any is there any of protection issues? Your accuracy issues of is the guy wide open the because you would get great numbers with the big twelve quarterbacks. And that's why you didn't know if it would translate into success in the NFL be like everybody's open. That's the thing. When I watched the Michigan game with Ohio State in Haskins. Those receivers were wide open on northwestern. I felt like they were wide open and that so then it's a little bit harder to get a better gauge of just how good Haskins has. But he's viewed as a project here. I always, you know, the scouts said when you get him off his spot. Then, you know, then you know, that you know, he can have some issues. They're not that. That's not the case for everybody here. Yeah. Mclovin. It's so weird because we used to hold the spread quarterbacks. Never did anything the NFL for the longest time. It was all the pro style. Guys. I did Baker Mayfield just sort of end that for good. The short spread quarterback. Well, I think Russ did. I think Russell Wilson. I think he was pro style though. Yeah. He runs more of a spread in college or a pros than he did in college. It feels like there's like off Jared Goff came from the air raid. Yeah. Back in the day would not even get drafted running that here's the other not bombshell. But I I was told Bob Knight. Maybe moving back to Bloomington, Indiana. The know about that one. Sources close to me. Tell me. Bob knight. Might be moving back to Bloomington Indian, hopefully, there's a basketball game in his future. Just give me one walkout there. Take a bow. And let those people.

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