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All right so we're back this week on racing on episode number sixty two. We got a lot of stuff to get to on this show so much sakes action this weekend. They're like I mentioned Gulfstream kind of filled up the calendar last weekend. But this is the first real weekend where everything gets back into it but I just want to. We got a lot of stuff to get to. So we're going to very briefly. Just take a look back at some of the some races down Gulfstream and also talk about the couple of allowance racists from Churchill. This weekend that are we're talking about as well as hit on the desert stormer out at Santa Anita so just to recap from last weekend Friday Saturday Sunday done at Gulfstream on Friday. Total a shape back in the winter circle in that race Double Crown on Saturday when the war stakes. Jakarta won the powder break and musical. Romance went to Lady's Island and then finally the Sunday silence on Sunday was won by just whistle so like I mentioned we wanted to just get through these a really quickly but we will just hit one one thing until the shape. She's back in the winter. Circle runs while golf stream in lower level stakes. So you know. We picked against her both of US air. Eric has been the king of Ping against a toll shape but just briefly mention Yoshi in races like this really hard racist like this Gulfstream. It's really hard to doubt her. She's got to do it at some other. Some other level Whether it's in another graded stakes race or at another track which That still remains to be seen whether or not she does that. So that's just the one comment that we have from this weekend and maybe also the other thing is don't Right off the fact that green like Oh might in fact the horse wants to go longer. that those are the takeaways that I had from this weekend. Also worth mentioning the powder. Break Him off the turf. So that's why got stormy did not run this weekend. So that race kind of lost a lot of its luster there. So that's my take wisdom. This weekend I'll let Eric. I Know Eric Mall just one thing quickly on God stormy before we move onto some of the other races from this weekend forgot storming race came off the turf so obviously he was running. Took a lot of the town away. We also saw the to Chad Brown horses. Scratch from that spot We'll see wherever they decided to come back. Churchill probably as a couple race we could see.

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