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Daria all our tensions high in Sacher names for a few minutes. Hopefully, the chambers can crowd out the city council reacting to the California attorney general heavier, Sarah, not pressing charges against the police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Stefan Clark last March nineteen year old poet Kayla. Osborne's spoke at the meeting hope and pray. That the black community at Sacramento, Stockton, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Brooklyn. Does not forget about consequences car. A black man was unarmed at the time of the shooting. The Trump administration is not handing over documents to House Democrats willingly in-house counsel, telling House Democrats. It's not clear of congress has the right to look at security documents that cleared Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner for top secret documents Democrats now deciding their next step as well as working on a request for the president's tax returns that would be able to survive accord challenge ABC's Andy Field, a measles outbreak in several states prompted hearings on Capitol Hill. Refusal is one of the growing public health threats of our time if we continue to allow non medical exemptions to vaccination the rates of vaccine will continue to fall more outbreaks will undoubtedly follow pediatrician Dr Jonathan mock killers families crossing the southern border are on the rise ass majority are from Central America. According to chief Brian Hastings with the border patrol today. Seventy. Percent of all those were arresting are from the northern triangle, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Hastings said in February federal agents apprehended more than thirty six thousand families a three hundred percent increase over February twenty eighteen Mark Remillard, ABC news. It was another rough day for the markets. The Dow the NASDAQ Ilias NPR closing the negative. You're listening to ABC news..

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