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And now everyone is laughing at Bischoff on air claim the HOGAN cares about the industry people. Can't believe that an. Casually. Selfish star like HOGAN has snowed Bischoff into thinking he cares about the welfare of the industry over his own welfare. So I'll let you there's a lot to pack in their first of all thought you defended Nash gracefully, as will you as well as you could in the public forum. But what do you take what do you think about Wade's? Take that the only way you can turn this around is to do what you've always done, go, write a check. Surreal. I it's interesting. Let's, let's break that again, you know, you that was a dump truck full of stupid shit, and I've got to kind of dick through all and. And, and, and kind of pick up the pieces that I can talk about Muslim singly, first of all, let's if you believe in Wade, Keller's theory, and perspective at that time. The only thing that Bischoff is ever done was, what hulk HOGAN wanted him to do. That's basically the premise, right? Well, I can tell you that hall Cogan hated the cruiserweight division. He fucking hated it. Did that stop me from doing it? No. Oh, Cogan hated the fact that I was bringing in not only for the cruiserweight division, but bringing in a lot of the Hispanic Russia's jeopardy's restless, be not because he didn't appreciate them and because he didn't respect them because he believed that the audience doesn't know them and they don't know their characters. Why are we giving you know, so much of our television time to it? Did that stop me from doing it? No did when, when I challenged let's go back even further when I started giving away finishes you know to the WWF early on would nitro hulk HOGAN hated it to stop me from doing it at any point. Absolutely not. So there were so many flaws in that premise in reality, that it, it's hard to take those types of comments as anything other than WCW was trending down. There was a lot of anxiety amongst WCW fan. Casual and otherwise, the battle between WCW and WWF or WWE whatever the hell it was at the time, you know, had really peaked. And now WWE was was taking over. And there was a, a bandwagon effect guys like Wade Keller and Dave Meltzer. And, and others were writing these dirt sheets at the time whose income in their ability to pay their bills was dependent solely on their ability to cater to their audience. And that's what all of this kind of bullshit was because as I just pointed out, and that's just, you know, and of course of three minutes. How many factual errors existed in the premise that you just laid out? I didn't have to hang my hat on anything other than what I believe, to be true. And what I believed would work, I never had that pressure from, you know, the people above me is a matter of fact until. Really until the day, I got let go on September tenth nineteen ninety nine nobody ever talked about me to me about creative, or why they were. They were focused on EBA. They were focused on the bottom line. They were focused on a lot of other things. But the, the creative of the product was never ever, not even casually. A discussion between me and any my superiors. So from a factual point of view versus the sofa fulling. So fulfilling agenda of Dave Meltzer, and in this case Dave Wade Keller. It's all bullshit. It's the, the I hate HOGAN agenda was so strong. At that time, he was like the root of all evil, you know, it was really if it wasn't for Cogan, Eric Bishop wouldn't be in a position he's in. If it wasn't for hulk HOGAN, Eric Bischoff wouldn't be doing this. He wouldn't be doing that. Well, if it wasn't for hulk HOGAN, we would've never never been able to pull. The nose up on a franchise who, by the way, was run by creatively, and otherwise, all these so-called wrestling experts, Bill watts and others who I love and respect who weren't able to achieve one tenth of what I achieved. So when you ask me how I feel about that? I look at the total picture show me, one person who grew up as a wrestling fan who is ever gone on to become a successful head writer or had Booker was a Brian words. No, I don't think Br I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. I'll have to call Bryan and ask him was. He a, a huge wrestling fan as a kid growing up. I don't know. You know who, who, who are these people that were out there that had all of this wrestling experience, a creative abilities, and understood arts and pacing timing? Just flicking words that he pulled out of a magazine somewhere. He doesn't really know what they are didn't I should say because it's. It's silly. I don't want to keep talking about it because I'll just get myself wound up again. I conclude my I include my analysis of that tripe. Tripe by the way, the internal intestinal organs of Macau, they use, they use it to make menudo, which is basically gut soup. That's what I think of that kind of crap. Here's your response in this W, W dot com. Chat about the four horsemen breaking up numbers, don't lie as much as we wish they were lying numbers. Don't lie. And you look at the focus on the four horsemen since really last November and take it look at what's happened with the love Mer the numbers since last November, and they're pretty much sums it up. You mean the internet as majority I if we if there was one unified vote, I think most people would say Eric Bischoff, didn't like the four horsemen, and that's certainly the take away to chat like this unit. Correct. That narrative. I can't correct it because I set it. And hearing it back. I was wrong. I just was. You know, the four horsemen didn't work because it wasn't. It wasn't produced. Well, there was the, the creative was lacking. Look, the four horsemen were and to a degree. Still are, you know, one of those iconic kind of periods during this industry that people of all ages, especially now with the WWE network because people can go back and watch some of the stuff that, you know, whose parents might not have been born when it was going on. Wow. Did I say that? And I you know it didn't work. It wasn't working, but it wasn't because it couldn't have worked. It's because it wasn't being produced the way it needed to be produced. And I recognize that now talking about thing. He said, is there the heat feature in WCW? Here's a guy who despite some ups and downs in the spot, some opportunities and so missed opportunities in a whole of internal strife and so forth. This guy is still day in day out, one of the most successful characters in the industry. It can't hurt that character you can only underestimate that character even the ball at anytime stink in probably be the most dominant character in the industry. How about that? I was right. Well, what else can I say? I was absolutely right on the money. Let's talk about the great American bash and Meltzer wrote of this show. I think you're gonna like this. The great American bash can be summed up in five words. This.

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