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Story from Dustin. So I'm Dustin P one, I work at the 5 buds in prince Albert Saskatchewan. I got into cannabis when the store opened back in January. It's kind of a new thing for me, but it's something I'm learning every day is just kind of why I got into it, right? New experiences and kind of stuff I really like to enjoy doing so. How long have you been working at 5 buds? Since we opened in January. Also, just a few months now. And what did you do before you were a candidate? It was a stable dad, actually. That stayed at home. I took care of 5 kids altogether a couple step kids, a couple of my own. So yeah, cool. And then Kirk traveled on to slave Lake where he spoke with Jason Peters, who shared his my cannabis story. I'm Jared Peters. I run a cannabis show up here in slave Lake. I guess for my story, let's just start how I begin smoking cannabis, right? So it was before legalization, my auntie was an advocate in BC. She got me into it and it just started with helping me mentally. I had a lot of depression. I had a lot of anxiety and stuff like that. I was never really thought I was going to get to the position of that all in cannabis industry. A lot of what she said resonated with me because it was more about just getting high. It was helping day by day doing stuff just around the house, even just having a happy attitude going places. I used to have a really hard time going to west 17 mall, stuff like that with lots of people. But I find now if I have something CBD even before I go in, I'm just in a lot better mindset walking into these places. Throughout the years, after I lost my aunt, these when I actually came into the cannabis industry, because I wanted to just continue on that path where she wanted to go. She wanted to see his legalized she unfortunately passed away the month like two months before legalization. So is that unfortunate in that? But I figure if I can keep going the way she wanted to go and just having everybody happy and talking. Kind of be a good way to help her memory. That's why I wear this instead of a lanyard. This is actually hers before she passed away. So that's just darkening. So there are some road stories from Kirk as he travels around Alberta and of course Trevor and Kirk are going to be at hem fest in Calgary, collecting a lot more stories, so keep listening to reefer medicines, the podcast, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, do all those things. All right, so let's get to some music, crooked suggested because he's in Alberta, perhaps we play some core blunt or Ian Tyson. So I'll go one better. And we'll play a song from core blunt featuring EN Tyson. It's called right on. Like the show? Let us know. We're mend this on Instagram and Facebook after madness on Twitter or head over to the website at reverend dossier to find a woman about and what's coming up next. Tokyo later. It's another lonely evening. In another lonely town. To the underworld because I'm too old to cry when a woman gets me down. Got another antibody. I'm just another happy. But a new..

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