Lebron James, Shaquille O'neal, Duran discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


The youngest the high school guys haven't been dress oscar robertson his second or third karim elgin baylor allen iverson jerry west lebron james and shaquille o'neal and kevin durant kevin durant ten th on the list which bars fewest games needed to get to twenty thousand point man you get to thirty thousand that's the category where let me know when you get there 20000 nice and i think 20000 used to be hall of fame numbers i don't know how many players have scored twenty thousand in not made it into the whole thing duran of course the first bell hall of famer but i'd vaguely remember that back in the 80s if you've got to twenty thousand points sort of like a running back getting to ten thousand yards you were going to be a hall of famer you know these passing numbers are crazy drew brees going to end up with more touchdowns and more passing yards and anybody in the history of the game if drew brees one one more super bowl woody changed his place in history that much because of what he did with the sink this was a terrible franchise he lifted that franchise up not that they give you degree of difficulty here but what he did with katrina everything he's meant to that city and to win two super bowls four new orleans i don't know how high he moves up the list with people categories but two super bowls with all those numbers now then you're moving past farf aaron rogers.

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