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I like it all right. Thank you feel like still stephen. Mountains has like ten bands. Stephen mouth mess was in pavement and and then he was also in <hes> he went solo and did like steven reich <hes> and then i think he's also done just stephen malcolm. I i recently. He did an electronic payment reuniting they are. They're going to do a tour again. <hes> i saw them on their last reunion tour nice cool dude nice <hes> very little about him. Cool guy was fun to meet him but he didn't know what the fuck you know. Oh oh you did yeah and more fun or was it like he's just kind of for me. It was not fun here just to yeah i just was like it's one of those and i have to learn this like there are really so few people interaction. I think it's really only musicians as happened with because i did one at one point meet the dude for mountain goats <hes> there are very few people who i am like. I don't know if it's star struck by but it is like i have so much to say to them like i'm like there are so many things you've done that i like and i like it so much and it's had such an impact on my life. Those two specific bands really are those two specific musicians russians like that. I was listening to during a huge transitional point in my life where it was like really meaningful and important to me and i have to completely put it out of my mind if and when i ever meet them especially if i have to do a show because there's nothing i even wish i said like it's not like i'm i'm like i should have said this. It's like oh. I wish the whole my entire existence was different or something so that i didn't because is like i was so nervous and most people yeah. You don't even know who this guy is. Nobody cares but for me. I was just like shit like maybe i could've talked about this. Maybe we could done this. Maybe i could have completely forgot about that and just tried to do a funny episode of the show in in my head the whole time being going like wow. This dude is like the dude the guy frio yes but it's like <hes> was just a totally separate thing so in those few instances. I'm trying to learn like where i do. You meet someone or interact with someone who i'm like. Wow there's like volumes of things. I want to say to you but i know enough not to do that because that would like freak you out right but i need need to just like not. Even i need to be like i will be unsatisfied at the end of this interaction. I've just going to be like hey big fan of music. All you can do is try not to disassociate. That's about it yeah. That's right and i yeah. The episode came out like last week. I shouldn't be shitting on an episode of my own show. Some people seem to enjoy some people didn't yeah. I know why i burn through ten. I had like i had overprepared. You've done our show. I'm usually not prepared at all and we just kind of rash. I had like fifteen eighteen ideas written out of like this. We'll do this. We'll do this and then i went through all of it in like twelve minutes an hour twelve minutes and i think it's really cool to talk about the anxiety. The podcast hosting is sometimes 'cause like where else you can't talk about on the podcast. No no it just people. Don't i know about it except other podcasts house where you're like. I'm very on but i'm also.

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