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Tell me what I need to hear. Because we have our phones, melting mountain. You've got one minute and one minute, but I'm not gonna talk for a minute. This is Jerry Jerry is calling from the great city of Sterling, North Dakota. Jerry, what's on your mind? And, uh, the reason I'm calling Is I was watching those protests. And I seen a lot of similarity in people. That was down at the pipeline protest in in North Dakota. Um When when the natives were down there. And it wasn't our natives. It was paid protesters that were down there in in, uh, 40 eights, and, um I seen a lot of similarities with protesters. That went in. I don't think they were, um I think they were paid protesters by somebody else. I don't think they had anything to do with the Trump. Uh, Rally other than to cause trouble and make the rally look bad. Gotta ask you one quick. I know I don't go, though, Jerry. And by the way, where exactly a minute So you stayed on top. Just want to clarify one thing. Are you saying the actual people with the same soul security number? You saw there or are you both places or are you saying their ilk the same kind? I'm thinking there was some of the people that familiarly if you look at it, if you don't go back and look at the protest, and look at this one, they had masks and stuff on. But some of their actions and some of the stuff I think it was the same people that was down protest ng the pipeline are up there at Trumps rally protesting. Government, and I don't think it was trump protesters. I think it was paid protesters by somebody else. Well, just so you know, just seeing all Jerry we were over a minute. And I love you because I agree with you. 100% agree with you. And I don't know if they were in North Dakota or not, but I know that I saw a guy with a rope. Careening down the Senate gallery to the Senate floor. I've never taken a rope into the capital before padlock tourism, but I've been on the Senate for lawfully. Never took a rope with me. S o. I don't think you'd take a rope to go Listen to Donald Trump. You figure you're going to be in the Senate gallery and get to the floor and, gosh, don't you know he's got this thing on his helmet and his face is seen so we know he's the same Beale I'm guy. Spent another protest in the last few months. Jerry couldn't be more right. Let's see if the other Jerry my official, I know if you know this. That's actually my first name. Jerry said. You got a first name. It was my dad's name. And so any jury that gets on the board I go. Do what you gotta say, Jerry to us, Moorehead, Minnesota wisdom. I need it. Did you have a brother named Gary? Barry and Larry? I didn't But it had been damn fun if I did. Yeah, I'll tell you that. Yeah, Yeah, Mine's Christopher and he's escape this madness. But anyway, tell me what you got.

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