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You get proved you get pruned. But we do see In this we also see that Was beef fifteen comes into sivvy's style to have so we take her back because beef fifteen already figured out that she's a variant needs needs to know the truth because that's the thing once the life starts to fall apart. People need the truth and that is effectively. What she does is effectively. What happens next. Is you know a beef. Fifteen no goes back there and says i looked happy. You know now. Of course the irony of all this is is that be fifteen. Her shoe timelines. South probably still is happy. That whatever she did. That disrupted the timeline. Rob ably was not so great that her life sees throw maybe right because we do find out in episode that they do indeed destroy entire realities. It's not like they just pruned one. Little piece of it like a bubble in that entire reality gets pruned into the space. And i'll elias eats it. That's next episode. That's right but but she does say in here like they. They destroyed my own reality. It's not there anymore. Everybody else in that ride or ceased to be or well. That's that's the question and that goes into this idea of what it means to exists. And so that you realize hines of memory. Those narratives do not have a sense of belonging to anything anymore. Well well or is it. Whatever is affected by the. That's the question but seems to me. Like they make it pretty clear that the entire realities wiped out not just. But here's what here's why it will say that doesn't seem to be the case Don't wanna go too much into it but basically what we see next episode is going to be pieces of things not entire things so like for example if an entirely i'm made to it several times but what i'm saying is if an interior timeline got purged. This world would be filled with iron men fours. 'cause there's authority every universe so every show when when loki does little side separate the infinity stone at the end of end game. We're in the middle of endgame and they pruned that time line. Well then it's pruning every thorn that time line every in that time. Line every every planet in that time line every kept in marveling that time line and i think that idea that everything just dumps into this void space and is able to eat them. All i am i no. You're right. i'm suspect of that. So i i think what happens. Is that the inciting event pruned and things related to that. Inciting offense get things that really redirect them and i think what get here is sort of the power of urban legend and mandela fact. In the idea that yes that got pruned. Some may be have a recollection of it. So it's it's not that. Oh i want from dishwasher that universities. There was just time line where that occurred at that time. I got pruned. And you have memory of that time line because it is something that you saw..

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