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Nevada, Super Bowls, Super Bowl discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


Thai the dan go the since nevada started tracking the wagering on super bowls in 1991 the regulated sports books have come out ahead twenty five of the twenty seven games they've made one hundred and seventy three million the only two losses the o eight super bowl in 1995 the die the two thousand eight was patriots in the giants 1995 the forty nine ers against the san diego chargers the line right now a five and a half six and a half may be up to seven wouldn't be surprised if it went up to seven and i was surprised it was only five and a half i thought from the perception side of this which is what vegas cells you is that the patriots would be a bigger favorite but a couple of couple of them have five points uh some all the way up to six and a half the over under at forty seven and a half for entertainment purposes only stat of the day brought to you by the great folks at continental tire proud supporter the dan patrick show for more information go to continental tire dot com tony dungy in a halfhour more phone calls best and worst of the weekend are poll questioned make levin for this hour is how would you rather lose like the jaguar it's it on sunday are like the vikings did on sunday actually the vice things have the early lead people would rather get blown out the move to harper it yeah i wanna know that i'm back close because then a young team that pain last a whole lot longer than minnesota's pain but i wanna know i'm that close mike i'd rather lose and lose in dramatic fashion then all of a sudden to go we had no chance against them and jacksonville as a young team that's something you build on with that confidence that arrogance as you move forward and that defense you would think would only get better yummiko of what if it was like the way the saints lost like a real heartbreaker.

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Nevada, Super Bowls, Super Bowl discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

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