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I hope you have a lovely Christmas. Thank you so much. Keep doing what you do. I love it so much. Well, biggest fan. We feel completely the same and keep playing these women that perhaps need a different look at. Claire, thank you very much. Thank you. And a very British scandal will start on BBC One on boxing day, huge thanks to Claire for her generosity and Shay so much with us a lot of you looking forward to that already a message that's come in saying a brilliant actor Claire for a new national treasure in the making can not wait to see this. And also, just a message from Katherine saying, please don't forget, we're talking about BBC sports personality. Please don't forget Rachel blackmore, who won the BBC World sports star of the year last night. Irish jockey who won both the cheltenham gold cup and the grand national this year, good to get her name and of course Catherine, thank you for helping me. I'm all the better for your messages. So do keep them coming. Now, if you're a fan of comedy and of programs such as have I got news for you, then you'll know the work of the Scottish comedian Jane godly, probably best known most recently for her parody voiceovers of Scotland's first minister Nicolas sturgeon of those daily press briefings during lockdown. But what you may not know is that just a few weeks ago, Jane was forced to cut short her UK tour when diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She shared the news with her fans on Twitter where she's prolific and shares a lot of her sketches and where she also had to face the music recently after being accused of racist tweets for which she apologized. Jane godley, it's been quite the year. Yes, it has been quite a time. I had to cut short the tour when I realized that I was having extreme pain and I was walking through from Leicester Square theater to the hotel and I remember stopping in the street and saying there's definitely something wrong with me. I had this blow in pain and my stomach and I kept you know as woman on whale. I'm sexy. I'm a stand up comedian. I'm an old woman. We are backpacking. It's just that. But when I got back to Glasgow, I spoke to the doctor on the phone and I love very close to the doctor. And she had me over at the very end of surgery, and she had a field of meta management. Oh, I don't like the feeling of this. Got blood tests. Next day, she called me and says, does markers and your blood that unfortunately and indicate that that may allude to cancer? And I'll never forget that moment. I just spent what? Because your brain doesn't almost always go to cancer. And I had read a tweet from Julia Bradbury, who's going through her own journey. And she had mentioned the symptoms of ovarian cancer. And again, my brain went off for goodness sake. You're not going to go straight. Are you? And then the next day I was in the hospital getting a scan and then a man sat me down to my two hands and hash hands which was the most heart stopping moment in my life and said, you have a tumor on your O three and I had to phone my agency. I can't go on stage tonight. I can't do it. And at the exact same time, we all had corporate. So my husband and my daughter are both at COVID and I was absolutely unaffected because obviously I get the DNA of an alsatian from the garbles..

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