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On 7 20 W g N W G and sports. Here's Kevin Powell. The Cubs wrap up a brief two games set with the Indians in Cleveland, a day after taking the opener, 71 Cubs, now 11 and three on the year. That's the best record in the National League. Kyle Hendricks. Gets the start. Tim Anderson kick things off with a leadoff homerun, setting the tone for the White Sox offense in a 75 win over the Tigers in Detroit. Definitely start a party. You know, I've seen everything he has, and I gave up too. You know, every guy behind pitch, you know, just stay, stay locked in and went one giving in. You know, he was defeated. So we had no choice but to come to me. You know, they miss their missing a little note. Anderson was a double shy of the cycle. Dylan cease, earning his third win of the season up next for the socks, a home Siri's with the Cardinals on Friday. We'll see what happens there. ST. Louis has played just five games this season. After multiple positive Koven, 19 Tests within the organization will have that game. It's 6 35 Chicago sky taking on the Phoenix Mercury. Tonight is the WN BA season continues Blackhawks dropping their Siri's opener to the top seeded Golden Knights game to tomorrow. We'll have it here at four. The bear is beginning to get in some really on field work. Coach Matt Maggie. We've got a lot of zoom meetings. We've had a lot of discussions we can talk about. It sounds good through this computer. But today was the very first time that our entire team and I'm speaking offensively being able to throw routes from these quarterbacks to the wide receivers, tight ends and running backs. For the first time. Since last year and the Bears with a roster move today, signing safety Marquis Christian. He spent the past four seasons with the Rams, and there will be no Spectators at Augusta National. When the Masters has played in November. That means all three majors this golf season will not I have fans on the home of the Blackhawks, Northwestern Wildcats and White Sox baseball. Kevin Powell. W G In sports. You are money on W G and the Dow closed up 289 points today. NASDAQ Up to 29 the S and P 546 points. I'm Kim Gordon.

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