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Team that has a lot of five power with them alongside caleb and bob a and Neymar definitely going to be a team. Look out for in the champions league and can we talk about this going forward here with you guys but that further do let's get into the twenty one hall of fame pro football hall of fame inductees so starting off You had drew pearson a wide receiver dallas. Cowboys play with them from nine thousand. Nine hundred seventy three to nineteen eighty-three. He was a former coach Former coach a quarterback who made the cowboys as an undrafted rookie wide receiver. He was the only first team selection to the all decade team of the nine thousand nine hundred seventy s who had not been enshrined in the hall of fame like many other senior finalists. His career had be looked at had to be looked at in the context of era given that his fifty eight catch catches in nineteen. Seventy six and eight hundred seventy yards in nineteen ninety. Seven led the league three time all pro wide receiver seventeen yards cabs in five seasons and including four of his first five years in the league and during a speech he said i quote out of vegas afro in the. Nfl point pointed to his bus while he said this This confirms it. The wait is over is over the original on number eight being presented for enshrinement in the pro football hall of fame Guess what strong hearts on. Just keep going in. That's why i'm standing here on the steps of the pro football hall fame. So definitely touching heartwarming to see pearson his career and everything and how that developed and now he is now on the pro football hall of fame so congrats to pearson. Then next up here. We have Tom of floors out of oakland. Sasa boss angeles raiders played with them from nineteen seventy nine to nineteen eighty-seven and he also played with the seahawks from nineteen ninety two to nineteen ninety four as a player assistant coach and a head coach in his pro. Football career on floors has four super bowl rings and one. Afl championship to his credit on floors and hope and hall of famer mike ditka or only people in nfl history who have been super bowl winners as players. Assistant coaches and head coaches on his time. The raiders included. The two super bowls wins and the in three postseason record for a seventy two point seven percent of one percents that ring him Behind only vince lombardi. So obviously when you're surrounded. Lightnings with. Vince lombardi mike ditka and company. You certainly have to be in the hall pro football hall fame and in this case with floors you know he and my dick out. Only people in nfl history said to win. Super bowl is only players but also assistant and a head coaches wall so definitely shows you. How high of a football mind floors is and in his uh speech speeches said that about the reason. I'm here in the reason on second in the program tonight is eighty four years old. I have to go to bed at nine o'clock. He said his speech. Where's my pillow so obviously Hen joking around and everything during his acceptance speech and like i said it on when you're surrounded by like mike ditka and vince lombardi. It's only a matter of time to your inducted into the pro football hall of fame. The next up a name that pretty much everyone knows in the football world peyton manning quarterback who played for indianapolis coach from nineteen ninety. Eight to two thousand eleven. Then play for the denver broncos from two thousand fifteen or twenty twelve to two thousand fifteen obviously the resume. Monday most one the most decorated players. Manning was a five time. Mvp fourteen time pro bowl selection seven time first team. All pro selection who want to bowls as well Held held the nfl record for passing touchdowns with five hundred and thirty nine and also passing with seventy one thousand nine hundred forty yards and quarterback starts one by team with one hundred eighty six which is tied with with brett farve Single season records of five thousand. Four hundred seventy seven passing yards and fifty five todd sound in twenty thirteen with the broncos. Still stand to this day. I wanna talk about a speech he said and i quote Tonight's speech is ultimate. Hurry hurry going. Back to his Cow where he was trying to speed up offense or try to get the defense jump off side. Yo said hurry hurry. So it's funny to see him say that acceptance speech ready rabe lose. That is just finished giving his speech until or just finished giving his speech and he started in two thousand eighteen so obviously manning starting off jokes pretty early. I think it's pretty cool to be on the same team. Jon a united and swindon semi a bog and he said dad. There's no way out rather have or be more appropriate to To present here of jim ursa indianapolis coach mike. Gratitude to you is off the charts. Pat bolan the bowl and family and the devon browser organization. You took a chance on me at a crucial time in my life. And i'll never forget it. The future of the game is ours is shaped. We need to take tomorrow on his shoulders as easily as we've done on our paths for games. Dob bless you and god bless football. So it's really a touching speech. Funny speech of all the above peyton manning. Obviously we used to some his speeches and his iconic at the espy's when he told kevin durant out here is going to be of the next person on the on. The woman axiom obviously jordan about implying along with the motive that kevin durant joined Seventy three and team after losing to them at three one series. Yada yada yada. Everyone knows that. But i tend today. I'm so sad to see on. Paid a manning still not being league anymore obviously. He's a lot older now but He definitely brought along some remote remarkable memories down the way Obviously his time in denver was time to be alive and his time at the colts to was found to be alive as wall. And then moving on here. You have john lynch safety who played for candidate buccaneers from ninety. Three two thousand and three in denver broncos from two thousand four two thousand seven his resume on the san francisco forty niners general manager was a nine time pro bowl selection as player to time first team all pro of selection at a super bowl winner. A high A highly recruited baseball prospect. To was once a second round pick of the marlins he developed into one of those best safeties. He had a eight eighty tackle. Season including eighty tackles and two thousand six at eight.

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