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Left a couple of fast questions here. So Jason I'm GonNa have you asked any questions you'd like to ask about the hiring process that your clients would ask Dr Brick and then we have the founder of complete carpet here with us and I liked him have him give him an opportunity to ask as well. So we'll start with you. What what's what. What question do you think your clients would have for mister stairs or question would be so the fact? I guess two part question one. How did you narrow it down to you? Have to go through eighty five people to get. Yes because I think that's important. A lot of my clients haven't figured out how many knows they need before they get. Yes within two would be. How did you basically convince yourself and your team to continually do the same hiring process every single week? And that's what I found is people say. Oh I can do the group interview building outline and I'll help them build the responses and I'll help them monitor. Everything were not being super tedious but I them to do the group interview. Yeah it was great. You find anybody know all right next week the group of you now. Yeah so so what? What was your flow in order to convince yourself in the people you work for you that this is what how. How does that number one out of eighty five come from and how do you keep your clients doing it every week? Well first of all we track we everything in our company so the number of resumes that come in we just remember how many resumes how many people say they're going to come to the interview track that number tracked hundred people actually show up. We track that number. How many people did we hire? We track that number. Okay how do you? How do you convince your clients to do it every week? How do I convince my clients to do it every week? And then once again I go back to their core values and their their purpose there f six goals in their company. Because if I just tried to convince them to do something my way with tying it into what they want through. It'll never works. I JEDI MIND TRICK. It has to come back to their desire what they want out of life. And if you want this then you need to take this step Gotcha. So that's how that's how we do that and does a very good job of doing that and I would just say if you go to thrive time dot com forward slash. Does it work? Time should come forward slash does dash it dash work. You will see real client. Hundreds of clients sharing how the group interview has worked for them. And I found that when people when you hear enough people doing it and you see that it works at a certain point we start going. You know I don't know how to. I don't know how that smartphone works at all but I'm gonNA use it bobby. Are you sure? Do you know how the technology works. No I don't understand it but I believe I can use this phone to. I've seen so many testimonies I'm gonNA use the phone. Island smile almost disbelieving. The phone could connect to a satellite and send a signal to a person in a different place. And then you know your aunt. Mabel scared of technology and thinks the Internet's going to kill us all but meanwhile you're like I'm going to pick up his eventually. You you see enough proof and you just you just do it and it's fun because many of the testimonials on that video are our clients an absolutely. It's a beautiful beautiful thing. Okay Dr Brick. What's your final question for Mister stairs? So when you're talking about doing a group interview each and every week and somebody's listening and they're currently doing an interview you know Five six times a year How much freedom have you actually found that this group interview provides you versus those? Who would say well? I'm I'm only doing this big interview process a couple of times a year versus each and every week are have you found that it is actually freeing. Oh it's completely frank yeah. I'm no longer held hostage by any of the employees again. The fourteen months that we were talking about that was back earlier. Thousand Nineteen I think for the total of two thousand nineteen. We hire ten people just got through doing the W. twos right so I think we had ten people and it was hilarious because I was looking at those. Who aren't these because they were only there for like three or four days weeks You know but man they were rocking it now you they don't great until they aren't even if you go through the stranger and do the group interview process. What stairs saying sayings? If someone's not going to do the job then. They're going to move on pretty quickly. They're not going to stay loyal to a dysfunction. I personally tied up in the. Oh this person there can be awesome. Because I know they're probably going to be awesome until they're not and then we're just going to move them out and bring somebody else in and so every single time that we have moved somebody out. I have immediately been able to replace him most of the time the very next day. That's what makes the a Bob. Stoops the guy who really took the. Oh you football program to the next level. That's what makes bill check great. Is Everything here for years? It's a whole new team and they have to recruit people while also coaching their current people. Now we have the founder of complete carpet on the show here And what questions would you have here for? Clair's Oh absolutely the I want to go back to the L. You've got the you've got the Y. Go back to the C. Yes at the last conference that are actually quite a few the conferences you get up to do the C. on your core values and you tell them you need to write down three core values and I look across. 'cause I the first conference. I was the same person but now that I've got a chance I've already written them down. I look at the other people and everyone down like friendly Happy Smart and you name off some that. You can't put those as your values and pretty much put their pen away and then I got nothing. I got nothing on that. What do you got to help them? Because I think that's where a lot of business owners get stuck because it's not that they don't find people that they don't know the type of people are looking for how do they. How do you get over that hurdle? 'cause for me. That was hard. That was hard figuring what is what is my actual core value. Yeah because it takes thought in most business owners have have lost the ability to think because they have been trapped in work. They wake up in the morning and they just work. There's there's people out there that I'm talking to you right now. Okay just put your hands on the radio because I'm talking to you. You have lost the ability to think because you have spent so much time just working you have had the same problem over and over and over. That is frustrating. You But you continue to just work through it. You continue to just pressed through it and some how you're interpreting that as you being a strong person you being a strong leader you being a good business owner because you continue to do the same thing over and over and over. But you're not getting set free so I think the first thing Nathan. Y people are struggle with that is because they have lost the ability to think and so it takes time if the conferences. We don't have time. I say so. Write these things down but literally. This could take you twenty four sixty hours to dive in and think what are my core values. And I'm a huge proponent and Klay taught me this you want to be careful not to just come up with things of their funny. They have a good sense of humor and they can be on tagger retain integrity and and trust. You know. It's like okay. If you want to have those those are fine but one of your core values has got to be around producing results. And it's gotTa be around. You can get her done. Or however you want to say that one of your values has to be results oriented and again for me coming out of public schools and coming out of ministry that results oriented and that was really great. That was really great. A schoolteacher you're not really judged by the results you know you just you. That's why merit based pay. Never never teachers are never in favor of it because they go well. What if my kids are difficult? You've got to be better. Yeah go so careful on up an audio clip here. This is a song by sublime called what I got you. The Song Jason. This to me is a song. The theme Song of the average entrepreneur the average preneurs according INC MAGAZINE. Ninety six percent of business owners fail within ten years. So this is the official theme song for most entrepreneurs just cable part of it. Here let me get here. Wasn't he's lyrics. Learns to street. Choose to reason things wrong. Got To find the reason. Why is there it is? That's what they're doing. They're getting up there getting in their truck and might be lighting up a cigarette putting shoes on their feet and trying to figure out why their money's all gone yeah. Maybe requires pro activity to pull the weeds and one of the weeds. It's killing your business bad. Nothing works unless they do clay stares. Thank you so much for joining us on today's show again. If you WANNA get those specific questions that he asks his ideal and likely candidates you can get those by going to Klay stairs dot com. That's a that's again. That's clay stairs. Dot Com easy for me to say CLAY STARES DOT COM S. T. A. I R. E. S. CLAY STAIRS DOT com. Get those questions today. And we'd like to each and every show with a boom and I will caution you. These bikes are hot. I gotta take two steps back and it's like one giant step for forward boom mankind broken break to what..

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