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Eight, four four. Two nine six five or. You? Can. Text a question to me at? Two one two three two and I'll be happy to answer that as well okay let's. Let's go back, to the phones I think there's a call up there, behind that yeah, they are and. That. Would be Al Hello Al what can I, do for you Good morning I'm an extra taking the. Call the I've got an opportunity to buy a piece of land but it's landlocked and I wasn't sure if, I should proceed without or not. Another it's on a main road but there's one a quarter acre right in front of mine, one window I'd be interested in buying and I didn't know if there's a way to gain access to that property well so, the property that you're. Interested in buying has. No access to any road and it's surrounded by other people's properties is that the situation okay so. I mean as, a, starting, point, of. Course, and, your your. Your phrasing, the, question, I, think, this, way. One would be very concerned about that due to not being any, deeded access. To the property and so there are legal mechanisms. To. Create an easement or a license to. Have a way into that property and they're also. Remedies, at law. When you have a landlocked. Piece? Of. Property to create a an easement Buying necessity but Necessity is a legal procedure so that you'd literally bringing a. Lawsuit against somebody and so if you're buying a piece of property that doesn't have that kind of, of entry way you're buying yourself into paying. For a lawsuit and, so you know you'd have to figure that into, the cost myself I would wanna make sure that I have some kind of easement rights that I am purchasing at the same time to cross into that property from whoever the shortest way. In would be and so you can make, con- you know you can make contracts that have a. Contingencies to purchase and one of the contingents would see would be that that sale does not go to closing until and unless I have an easement or licensed to enter that. Property I see That answer. Your question Yeah well primarily it just wanted to make sure that the problem is it's one of these tax deduction situation and Kelly. Actually owns the property I have the, right to buy it but then I'm going to have to try to figure out how to gain access That's right County, got it doesn't mean that they have solved. That problem so so make sure you've got a pretty good deal because you're going to be paying for and taking the risk know anything that happens. In court there's always risk and there's. Always, cost. Okay sir Okay, good, luck to you this is rob Solomon on the Ulsan, on, law, radio. Show it's a great. Opportunity to get on board we have a..

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