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President Trump delivered the opening address. The trump taking the stage for special congratulations on your fiftieth year hosting the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum truly amazing achievement. And he's just one of around three thousand people at this conference. An elite three thousand. It's a star studded crowd and a breathtaking backdrop. But what goes on behind the Glamour while I'm here at CNBC's headquarters which is a New Jersey if y Katie creamer. You're usual. Host is in Switzerland and with the anchors and a very special production. She will be taking us behind the scenes and sounds of Davos twenty twenty this whole week. Hi this is Katie Kramer from the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland just to tell you a little bit about. What squawk box does when we're on site here in Davos? We're on the roof of the Congress Center which is where all the action happens of the forty nine year old World Economic Forum every day and we broadcast our live. US morning show here in the middle of the day between gene about noon and three PM. Beautiful Setting in Davos we have snow. Capped out behind US evergreen trees. It's freezing and we're doing it all outside so I will bring you a little bit of context and a little bit of information from Becky. Quick and Joe Kernan who had had a long day a long day in the Alpine Colt speaking of that long day when the broadcast ended the team wasn't even finished. They stayed late for this podcast. Which means four plus hours without a break longer than your average commercial and yup no bathroom earnings Joe Becky and Katie debriefed conversation with Carlisle? Group CO founder. David Rubenstein if you listen closely you can hear the Alpine wind behind them mm-hmm but you won't hear Andrew. He left the show mid broadcast to host a panel and deliver even more once in a year content for CNBC's viewers you you podcast listeners. And his near times deal book readers. I think what's actually funny is the themes that the World Economic Forum puts out is is being the important themes for the week are not the things that people actually end up talking about when they're not sitting on the panels in front of the stage in front of the group here Corporate Responsibility. I feel like we've touched etched on that in some places today but really so much of what we ended up talking about is the global economy. How that's going and how things probably are going to improve this year? Just just based on the idea that the top two economies in the world China and the United States in reverse order are are are now seeming to get along much better than that creates less friction among so how many of the other countries that are each of their spheres. which are so reliant on how those two countries do in terms of their own growth if China and the United States can get along the little better and clear up the outlook not only for other countries but other companies as well that could portend a much better for the year ahead came in this morning? First thing I said to everyone one in the tenth was it's my fervent. Wish that this entire form here could get back to being what it's supposed to be an and economic forum. I want to talk about business. I WanNa talk about innovation. I WanNA talk about technology. I WanNa talk about competition. I WanNa talk about all these things that get lost in the woke. Es Sustainability sort of obsession that millennials or whomever you WANNA blame it on. I mean that Davos has always always been whatever the flavor Du jour is it was in an income inequality from all the guys come bringing their corporate jets here. So they've always been tone deaf and always been high-minded minded in sanctimonious and once again. I thought that's what I was pleasantly surprised right from the get-go that everyone wanted to talk about the United States economy and what the global economy economy might be able to learn from the way we've differentiated in distinguish ourselves and in the United States. So I was pleasantly surprised and it didn't even mind for hours today. Today and president trump addressed the did and was well received and it's a far cry from two years ago when he still had the star power. But but I think I think there are a lot of question marks about whether it was going to work in an even Andrew acknowledged that in hindsight now it was a pretty good reception because it just is what it is. The United United States is the strongest economy in the envy of the world. Right right one question David Rubenstein just because we had him on for a few minutes and he's obviously a global investor and works with companies all over for the world who is in a unique position to understand how the American economy is being perceived globally. Did you get any messages from him. Particularly about optimism from global companies or concerns in global companies. He isn't willing to draw a line between trump and what's happening in the United States is for whatever reason season the. US economy is where it is right now whether it's trump or whether it was set up from said that some of them I don't WanNA trumpet. I'M NOT GONNA trumpet. Trump the actually said that but he also said look a lot of president. Trump's policies are responsible. Yes that we have are in David. I know him and grudgingly he. He's saying those things but it has to be acknowledged that he did and and the one thing he did acknowledge businesses good for for From Carlisle and for others. Now no we heard about riding a horse. Just you got to know window. Slow it down and get off and I mean I think that's in the back of everyone's mind because it just seems like it seems like it's too good to be true right now at this expanse of which worries me too because generally generally when we come to Davos and we hear a lot of people saying great things in quick succession after that there's always some sort of the economy or stock market that takes place around. There's IT gets right. Usually account or enter indicator can. There's a lot of optimism that we've heard here so here so far But they're they're there are real reasons for it and kind of Po Point back to corporate profits to plans that economies have to the removal of some big overhangs. That have been with us For the last year or longer you're those are the type of things that people are feeling pretty good about right now here. Here's Joe kicking off. The conversation with David Rubenstein the Carlisle Group Co founder and Co Executive Kim Chairman. You're a journalist in an interviewer. I want you to interview or being becky here now. What okay now? The only problem is you have real world experience a lot of things. Do you have to totally forget everything you know in the real world to be effective journalists because I have to no. I don't think so you just have to use your common sense. Good judgment little kidding. None of us. I know of ever done anything but this anyway is the state of the king. We're going to interview you again. But we can. It can be a free happy happy interview. It can be a free exchange. Let's do it that way. So we've had Paul Tudor Jones and Ray Dally. Oh with the Plethora of issues that they say with the future whether it's debt or whether it's income inequality where are we really think objectively well as dizzy dean. The famous pitcher said you know. It's it's not really bragging if you actually deliver and so yes. There's some bragging about the economy but the economy's in really good shape so people who aren't happy with the president. They may not agree that some some of his policies work but some of these policies seem to be working. So I'm not saying I'm a supporter or detractor it is. I'm just saying that the policy seem to be working the US economies in reasonably good shape. Who who would have predicted a year ago that we'd be where we are today? Nobody would have probably so the economy's doing pretty well. They never stay strong for a long time. You never know but right now i. I don't see any prospect of a recession in twenty twenty and I also think unemployment's GonNa stay low. Interest.

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