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Spotify, Apple, Google discussed on Agent Survival Guide Podcast: Empowering insurance agents selling Medicare, Long-Term Care, Life, Annuities, & Final Expense


To cover court mandated child support payments and additional term or permanent life insurance to cover needs of additional children or stepchildren empty nesters once children are grown up and have moved out on their own clients. At this stage may not need as much life insurance as they once did. During this stage income protection is still important along with final expense protection for any outstanding debts. This is the time to focus on term life policies. That may be expiring. Clients should review their coverage and considerate appropriate amount of permanent coverage or term conversion possibilities. Now that their children have moved out. It's also key to remember that each spouse should have a life insurance policy, regardless of who makes more money products. Do you recommend for empty nesters include whole life policies and permanent products with long term care riders, retirees. At this point, cash value from current life insurance can come into play for supplemental retirement income. In this stage life insurance proceeds can provide lost social security income replacement for a surviving spouse or a legacy to pass onto their children and

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