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Past Tuesday to sign Ruben foster troubled linebacker, arrested twice this year on domestic violence charges. Put the team at the center of debate over what whether the NFL is doing enough to curb the abuse of women by players. The league has had an inconsistent approach to the issue. It's a story by sports reporter atoms along at the Washington Times. Adam what's being said? Former Redskins quarterback Nassar is a senior vice president player personnel. Put out a statement accompanying the foster news, basically saying there's no guarantee he's ever gonna play for us. We want to give you you're going to continue to look into these allegations as our long and the National Football League. And he will have to do a lot free ever gets to put on a red uniform and play for us. But they went after it because of the football nuclear wanted his, right? And the next day. Jay Gruden head coaching team said pretty much the same thing. He was the one that the team trotted out to have to fueled questions from the media about why they would find foster Williams didn't speak directly leading media. Neither did team owner. Dan, Snyder new general manager Bruce Allen who would have had in making the decision as front office people speak with Adams Lanka sports, reporter at the Washington Times about a story. They have running entitled NFL still grapples with domestic violence in the metoo and post Ray rice era. The story has been revived recently because the Redskins have signed Ruben foster who was cut by these San Francisco forty Niners after a domestic violence arrests. Where does this story go from here because there was one line in your piece where it was in the in the opening paragraph weren't mentioned the debate over whether the NFL is doing enough to curb the abuse of women by players is this the NFL's problem? I guess. Bundle. They're supposed to do something here. I know it's next. It's tough to say what's next because we're we're looking at this now from respective of three years ago. The Baltimore Ravens running back Ray rice made national headlines not just in the sports pages. But across the country when video came out from him knocking out his fiancee at the time in an elevator. And Ray rights that are played in the NFL again. And he was a talented young running back and the NFL was forced to take issue domestic violence more. Seriously, there's the database that we cited from USA today piece. It shows that since two thousand one hundred and eleven arrests of NFL players through domestic violence charges that varying degrees. Abuse that some charges may have been dropped later, but just purely the arrest one hundred and eleven which is a large number and contrary rice, the NFL put supposed- policy that there will be an automatic six game suspension for people who are suspected of maybe with credible. Reasoning. Domestic violence. But that's sixteen suspension is rarely ever enforced in the in the year since then by my count, only one person is equal Elliott has actually been assessed the full six games. Some people aren't getting bargain to like Jameis Winston. Did. He only got three games and some people just been getting one game or two games for very similar instances to Ray rice. So that's why you want to look at what the NFL might need to address and maybe look in the mirror. That's why some people when foster resigned, you're not mad only at the Redskins. But also league as a whole with what do the advocates say? I know you talked to a couple of is there a feeling that that these guys should never work in the NFL again. I mean, this is what they do. Right. This is our job. But I don't know what the what the right balance is do you? You did the let's say you're proven guilty. You did a crime you do the time. Should you not be allowed back in? They were mainly upset and frustrated by the fact that the team would move so quickly to find somebody who was arrested before all the facts are out there. Because in one token. Yeah, we don't know exactly who is guilty of what at the moment. But on the other hand, why would you take that chance and move so quickly because you precisely because you don't know and the team says that they did some investigating themselves claimed that they talked to several of Foster's. He makes his college team at the university of Alabama play for the red. Okay. If I remember correctly seven in addition to foster from Alabama, we're on the Redskins and be said that they were overwhelmingly supportive of the team taking a chance on Reuben foster. But when we got to speak some players in the locker room, namely Jonathan Allen, and ha ha Clinton Dix. They both said that the team did not approach specifically. Declined to comment. Adam Adam Salunke sports reporter at the Washington Times. Twenty minutes now in front of the hour on.

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