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Mutilated cats body has been found in Thurston county it's currently fifty eight degrees with partly, cloudy skies in downtown Seattle now here's, the latest. National and world news from ABC A Colorado, man Chris, watts is, under arrest in connection with the disappearance of. His wife and two girls and. Now investigators say they think they found their. Bodies here's ABC's Clayton Sandell, our affiliate Denver seven says the girls, bodies, were, found concealed in oil and. Gas tanks the petroleum company. Where watts work says. It fired him on Wednesday the same day he was arrested jury deliberations resume today in the trial of. Former Trump campaign, chair Paul Manafort on Bank fraud, charges he faces over three hundred years behind bars. But ABC's Trish Turner says. When we're talking to experts former prosecutors say look it's not hundreds of years Manafort doesn't have a record these are financial. Crimes so you're more in the neighborhood of about ten to twelve years and the judge gets. Ready for sentencing the Pentagon says the plans for a November parade, honoring the military in Washington. May be pushed back they say they're exploring dates next. Year sources told ABC the estimates for the cost of the parade. Had, ballooned to ninety two million dollars Brian Clark ABC News stay connected stay informed KOMO. News KOMO news time is four thirty one here's the top local stories recovering for Friday. August the seventeenth I yell man is hoping to take. His son, home from the hospital. Today after the boy was seriously injured in a suspected DUI crash were three. People died komo's Keith Eldridge said Mary bridge children's hospital we're five, year old Noah. Anna where is, recovering from, the crash, and he spoke with Brian and where the. Boy's father three members of a. California family were killed Dong and comb key. And can Lee miles key, survived Noah's mother amber Smith land was, charged, with, driving drunk and causing the. Deadly crash as a terrible. Situation but you know. Whatever whatever seems deserve anywhere and Smith Lynn we're not married she had custody of Noah he says he's. Newly married with, two stepsons eater to welcome Noah, now I'm going to get custody it's a really. Sad situation that it had. To come to this people to lose their lives for it I think about that every day as for Switzerland she is being Held on seven hundred fifty thousand dollars. Bail her trial set to begin October first. Kate alderidge KOMO. News KOMO news time is four thirty-three another mutilated cats body has been. Found in Thurston county animal control officer say the most recent case involves a kitten found in. Olympia Laura Henderson with Prasada safe haven. An animal where fell, grew. Welfare, group is Paul somebody must know something and we're asking for whoever does know something to, please come forward and on the help us break in this case so we can stop these killings. From happening, and make our community safe again roared being offered for information leading to the conviction of the. Killer is now, up, to twenty one thousand dollars a thirty, five year old. Climber died while repelling off. A peak in mount rainier national park Stephen Colbert coal blood of. Seattle climbed Dewey peak with to. France Tuesday after scaling the mountains west face a park spokesman says corn boats to partners repelled safely before. He started come down and it's unclear what caused. Him to fall A program that feeds the homeless in, Skagit county is scaling back the request of the local business owners who say crime is up and. Customers are steering clear komo's Joel. Moreno, reports or mount Vernon friendship house cafe prides itself as. The only no cost daily meal service and Skagit county. But by September, first breakfast and lunch will no longer be served a change comes at the suggestion of local. Business leaders just.

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