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Calls coming in you want to get to the calls early well you're the you're right it's a beautiful thing about having my own show delay three three six thirty seven hundred bob nonni joining us here let's start off with ron in boise ron you're on six seventy bob and anini go ahead back to your earlier part of your conversation in the beginning regarding education in the state of idaho idaho being the very lowest as far as rankings and performance and the amount of money that stated by the host spends on the public education you kinda alluded to what's your concept word what actually will you do if elected to raise the performance standards to improve the public education system in the state of the idaho well you made a comment ron regarding where we rank and we do rank i think it's forty eighth out of fifty one in funding but not in testing in chievements we rank in about the middle of the pack and a couple of areas in the country washington dc and new jersey this some of the most per student in the country rank at the bottom so money does not equate to outcomes you could say spend a whole bunch of money and not have good outcomes you you can spend less money in have much better outcomes so it's what we provide to the students in the form of good quality teachers and i think under what the governor has done the last few years with the career ladder we put three hundred million dollars of new money into public education in the last three years one hundred million this year in eighteen in one hundred million each of the last two years and will continue to do the career ladder and we're making progress in education i think we're making progress in higher education i served on the governor's higher ed task force so i think we're moving in the right direction there's a goal to get sixty percent of high school graduates to to to get a degree and that doesn't mean a four year degree necessarily or just even a two year associate degree but to get some sort of career technical training at the.

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