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Let's review this internally and don't you think he would gather your assistance if if assistants were having parties for recruits don't you think you would then say guys i got a new every single thing that's going on because i can't be put out hung out to dry here you got to let me know and k and where's my invite to the party and way you've got to let me know so then you think that your assistant coaches are going to go rogue and go on i gotta tell coach about this i'm gonna get this fivestar recruitment he's going to love me is gonna fall right into coaches lab it enough spend any money he's going to love me hip and that's to work out well he efforts he got poli bb threw the punch at the very least you've got to be upset about not being included to give the invitation and then go from here yup on as far as the death penalty don't you think that um and say will not give them the death penalty because it's bad for business you'll have a bath walls goes for business if law oval was not level and let's say this is creighton creighton gets the death penalty smu was not tech this back in the day they weren't eight national brand they had a a spike but we we know how they became good because they paid players to become good laudable has been good was good before even under denny chrome they were dug sneaky suspicious in how they were getting players but the acc that's big business here and the mothership is uh you know th that they have an acc network here nobody wants them to go away it's bad for business and that's a top ten programme top fifteen programme year in and year round but i think if this was a major mid major would get the death penalty seat but isn't this all everything that we're talking about really just highlighting how absurd the whole system really is anyway i mean just give a thirteen year old kid a bunch of dough and yes theorem towards the schools that eures sneaker company endorses but deal but lobov russian global consign this 10year deal over a hundred and sixty million and that's great business but if it kids says look for you you want me to go.

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