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Right now. I want to go back and focus on what's happening in the Carolinas with us right now. Peter King, CBS radio news and Peter. Where are you? What are you experiencing at this point? Well, I'm in summerville, South Carolina, which is about twenty two miles inland from Charleston. And it's getting darker out is getting windier. The rain is not started. But that will happen in the next few hours and they're expecting what are they properly prepared for this? Is there any concern still about people who are hold down to what extent that can have an impact on the safety of people's lives there? Well, well, of course, there are Gavin Charleston. There are people down by the rush of water down there. They were just down there enjoying the day because it was a beautiful day here up until a couple of hours ago, and they were down by park down there. But at some point this rain is going to really come down. The winds are going to be really really high and time is running out for people really to get out. If they want to we've had about four hundred forty one thousand evacuations from the coast here in South Carolina Gordon's the governor's office. Emergency management. It's a really really good number. When you look at even though you're about twenty miles from the coast. You're still looking at a lot of rain that's going to get dumb to end is that area of South Carolina in a place where it can handle the vast amounts of rain. That are expected of the problem. Is there's been an awful lot of rain all summer long in South Carolina and North Carolina. And a lot of the ground is saturated. The land is very very flat down here. They don't call this low country for not big place where I am right now. I actually up on a hill, which is good because I don't think I'm going to get flooded where I am. But there are a lot of places inland as well. As the law coast that are going to get flooded because they're extremely flat. They're extremely saturated and he's gonna make you make life really miserable for a lot of people. So are you in between bands at this point when it comes to rein in Somerville? No, we haven't had any rain yet. So I'm on the outside of the outer bands. But we expect that rain's gonna start pretty soon. All right, Peter King joining us from CBS radio news in Somerville. Peter, thank you very much for your time. Sure. Do appreciate a kitty who radio news time is three forty three and we will continue to monitor Florence as it progresses with updates throughout the course of the afternoon to let you know, exactly. How things are progressing a lot of concern about not only property, but loss of life. You've heard in a report with rose just about thirteen minutes ago about two that had been lost. As a result of the storm making landfall will continue to monitor that for you as well and continue to pay attention as we prepare for what after-effects there are going to be. Now granted by the time. It comes to us on Monday. We're not going to have the concern about wins. It just going to be rain. And as John Grisham said, just not quite sure at this point how much rain, but here's what the forecast is at this point that Florence will become a tropical rainstorm by the time. It gets to us and we're going to feel the impact Monday and Monday night. Heavy rainfall can lead to flooding, and we already know about the flooding the weaken have here we've already gone through quite a bit of that rain over the past week or so that will continue on into Tuesday and. So tropical rainstorm Florence just meandering along with no real seeming. Hurry to be going wrong here in little five six seven miles an hour and is causing a lot of headaches at this point. All right kidney, K radio. News time is three forty four. I want to remind you that you can always text us. Your thoughts about whatever it is that you're hearing during the show, and you can do that. Here's a phone number eight six six three nine hundred ten twenty eight six six three nine hundred ten twenty the right outta motive text line. Right automotive. The best deal in Pittsburgh once again, the phone number eight six six three nine one ten twenty more details in the forecast from AccuWeather coming up in just a second. I oh, let's get traffic.

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