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It to make your bed in the morning to clean your desk before quitting time. To pick up the house before bed. I know lots of people feel strongly about this, but I think that this has more to do with personality then whether there's an objectively correct answer. A few years ago like many people. I listened to Admiral William mcraven commencement speech telling graduates that if they want to change the world, they should start by making their beds. The idea is that how we do little things and the order we create around us through these little victories is what allows us to big things in the long run? Lots of people agree with the admiral his speech has been viewed more than ten million times. I'd point out that his speech was actually more about various other lessons he learned in his military service, but most people are never gonNA face harsh combat conditions or survives special forces training. Everyone, on the other hand can make his or her bed, which is why that's the lesson that's often repeated from the speech. So is this a wise idea? Is Making your bed the first step to conquering the world. I know it's a popular idea magazines devote cover lines to the idea that you can clear your clutter and Change Your Life. Marie condos life changing magic of tidying up became a cultural phenomenon with its charge that life begins when you put your house in order. But as someone who doesn't make her bed every morning or clean her desk most days or particularly care if the house was cluttered when I go to bed I have to say I'm not sure. I'm not sure that spending time creating these signs of outward order is the universal cutest success. Instead, I think that some people are more bothered by untidiness than others. There are neat types and there are let it go types. One is not better than the other. There are successful and unsuccessful people in both camps. However since I focus on the twenty four hours, we all have a day I. do know this. If you can get yourself to a place where you are slightly less bothered by a lack of visual tidiness, you can save quite a bit of time. Here's one way to find out what sort of camp you fall in. Does it. Bother you to have a high number of unread messages on your inbox. ICON. I don't get worked up about deleting stuff, and if I have no new messages that I haven't dealt with are only a handful, my icon generally says somewhere around six thirty. Six thirty messages to me six thirty messages basically means zero it doesn't bother me that it isn't actually zero. But when I tell this to some people or they see my phone, they say this would drive them crazy. They say I should go through and delete all these unread messages would say zero but I fail to see why This would not change my life in any way if my icon six, six thirty or it's zero. Likewise. No one sees my bed during the day. Sometimes, I make it and sometimes I don't. I'm not more productive on the days that I do it. I don't work near my bed where would enter my world view anyway. As forgetting that bed at night, I can fall asleep whatever's going on the floor whatever the bed looks like just view it as irrelevant. But in my talks and workshops on time management I know that many people feel differently. People's time logs will show thirty to sixty minutes cleaning the house before bed. So I. Ask why? Is there going to be an eleven pm. Home. Inspection. Is. Someone coming around to give demerits for having toys on the floor. Well. No there is no eleven pm home inspection and nobody is giving out demerits. In fact, those toys are just GonNa come out again the next morning and you'll never get that our back. That might make rational sense but people tell me they simply cannot relax if their house houses a mess and similarly I'm sure that some people would feel incredibly distracted and ill at ease by that six, hundred, thirty number on their inbox an unmade bed might make them worry that life is falling apart. If that is you well, then you'll need to spend time on it or you can find someone else who will whether voluntarily or for pay, but there might still be ways to save time. For instance, if you really need a neatly made bed, don't have an elaborate bed one sheet on comforter and only as many pillows as you and any bed mates need for sleeping. Arranging a dozen throw pillows is the way of madness. Turn the bed making process into a thirty second ordeal Max, and if you really can't relax if there's a mess in the house, I suggest this clean one room shut the door and sitting there. Frees up all kinds of time. Do you make your betty today. Are, you in the neat.

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