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I mean that would make sense and you certainly see later on x. Men the commuting growth hormone being taken by <hes> by human beings to temporarily gain mutant powers but in this case. There's no mention of of why it's being done. It's just like hey science. I like your <hes>. Your theory like that would make sense. I would want to have superhero powers if i was in a superhero world. This is what i do with comic. They tried to make them make more sense. They they needed they needed and peter thinks about this and there's this great <hes> full page of half of old peter with his coke bottle glasses. It's like when he was a teenager and half of current peter with the spiderweb panel structure spiraling out from him with actually the name of ditto worked into the spiderweb somewhat subtly going through his own experience with animal like traits and so the book is doing a lot of work to tie the type of mutant that visas mutants with the x factor into what spider-man's and up to yeah and it makes total sense it it. It provides motivation for the brand corporation that provides motivation for spiderman. There's so much motivation. Theory is there's also so much hobgoblins because once again after spider man and beast have said hello to each other hobgoblins shows up and starts blowing everything up and threatens to tell the audience what he he knows and so. There's a fight again. We're seeing it very similarly to how we saw in the newspaper strip in this case though our first issue ends with a cliffhanger or rather a chunk of ceiling hangar as the entire ceilings collapsing on everyone. It's a great oh that's where you see them calling on a reader's to look into the newspaper to see what happens next so extra motivation yes to readers get our own motivation and that takes us to issue number two caught hot in the act with believe the same creative team are doomed. Well spider-man's got something to say about that. That might be true. If you've got no handy handy dandy webbing go based go you make an aces cheerleaders by i really like spider man and beast together. They're both scienc- they're both very quickey lake. They're kind of natural partners in that regard. I'm surprised they haven't had more alliances over the years. They're both acrobatic. Lots of swinging on web shooter ropes or orbit on whatever branches are nearby that are convenient for beast to swing on. I think that they work really really well together and it's also really light like you know you're talking about bigotry. You're talking about like either either slavery or completely destroying an entire race. There's it's nice to have a little bit of levity there. Yeah i completely agree and especially well for beast because occasionally. It'll you will see him. Just get really dark. He's got this this facade of levity and underneath that there's a lot of guilt because he knows that the research he did to try to cure himself of being commuting way back in the day. Now is being used for whatever evil the rand corporation is up to yeah. It's a pretty it's it's pretty fun. I'm excited to see the rest of this book..

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