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That is a disaster Medicare Of, course Bernie Sanders, says you, know Democrats have two. Issues it seems that they're running. On one of them isn't an. Issue it's just we hate Donald. Trump the other thing is an. Issue they think they've got. You they can't run on. Unemployment they can't run on. Wages they can't run on the. Economy they can't run a national. Security they can't run on law and. Order they Cameron in any of those. Things one thing they think they've got is health insurance is too. Expensive health costs are too. Expensive healthcare is too. Expensive prescription drugs are too. Expensive and so obviously the solution is to give everyone, Medicare which means the government will be the number one customer of insurance because that'll drive costs. Down, well maybe they have a. Point maybe things are too, expensive but is making government come in and be the number one single payer really on all of these things is that the solution Headley heath manning has a very important article about this. Issue she is the policy director at the independent women's, forum and she joins us now. Heavily thanks for joining us Well they do have a point I mean health insurance the first of all I would say that health insurance is out of control expensive right now because. We're still recovering from what ObamaCare did to the health, insurance industry but but what else. Is at play here Well there have been some problems that have, been going on for decades even before the, Care Act but I try to compare the road map you know if you're going somewhere you need to decide which direction attorney I think we're at a critical proper as in the United States. When it comes to healthcare I need to look at where you are. And we are not a beacon of free enterprise when it comes to healthcare..

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