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KYW Sam clover is in the TruMark financial twenty four hour traffic center to dish out the tough love people actually turning around and going the wrong way up the ramp. Don't do that. The lanes are open up ahead of you. Don't be silly check with Sam. I what are you doing every ten minutes on the twos on KYW NewsRadio thirty nine one week after the deadliest transportation accidents in the US and nine years. Some of the twenty victims are being laid to rest today. A joint ceremony will take place in a small community in upstate New York. So many people wanted to pay their respects to the families of the victims of last weekend's deadly limo crash in upstate New York. A school bus had to be used to shuttle people from parking lot to a Catholic church in the small community of Amsterdam hundreds of people lined up for blocks to attend the wake for eight of the twenty victims. A joint funeral was scheduled for today. Four sisters who grew? Up in the town were among the victims. Investigators continue to look for the cause of the crash prosecutors charged the operator of the limo Nauman Hussein with criminally negligent homicide. I'm Steve Kastenbaum. Fifty seven degrees. Mostly cloudy skies, the recently released UN climate report paints a picture of the future. But a California climatologists has with the right action. The future could be brightened the planet has warmed one degree celsius, which is almost thirty four degrees Fahrenheit above pre industrial temperatures. The UN report shows that if the planet warms at the same rate by the year twenty forty there will be massive wildfires. Coral reefs will die off worsening food shortages, but UC Santa Barbara professor Chris funk says if there is more investment in renewable energy dramatically reduce emissions from coal plant more trees. The warming can be stopped at about one point five degrees celsius or roughly thirty five degrees Fahrenheit, and to do that it'll cost about nine hundred billion dollars a year..

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