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President Joe Biden attended a public ceremony to commission a nuclear attack submarine the USS Delaware in Wilmington on Saturday saying it would enhance national security Part of a long tradition of serving our nation proudly and strengthening our nation's security security of the United States of America not just us but our allies and partners around the world as well The latest navy ship to carry the Delaware name was commissioned while underwater a first for a navy vessel Pope Francis is in Malta for a visit to draw attention to Europe's migration challenge he says he was considering a possible visit to the Ukrainian capital And without mentioning Vladimir Putin by name delivered his most pointed denunciation yet of Russia's invasion of Ukraine A hiker who went missing two weeks ago in a Los Angeles park was found dead but his dog was found alive and by his side Julie Walker has that story authorities say 29 year old Oscar Alejandro Hernandez's body was recovered Thursday night in a remote section of Griffith Park his dog king was by his side alive but emaciated The pair were reported missing on March 16th The coroner will determine the cause of death with an AP news minute I'm Jennifer King America's job growth streak continues Last month I kind of created 431,000 jobs a nice sound to it President Biden this morning touting the 11th straight month of job growth over 400,000 That's helped drop the unemployment rate to 3.6% the lowest since the pandemic began when it had hit a half century low of three and a half percent That's good news for fighting inflation is good news for our economy and it means that our economy has gone from being on the mend to being on the move While employers are offering more money to attract more workers the raises aren't keeping up with 40 year high inflation which in turn has put the Federal Reserve on track to raise interest rates this year which some economists say in turn will slow the jobs market and the overall economy Sagar Meghani Washington Rainbow flags could be taken from fans at the World Cup in Qatar in September head of security major general Abu Aziz Abdullah Al ansari insist LBGTQ couples would be welcomed and accepted at the World Cup This whole new law built on toleration Same sex relations remain a crime in Qatar Ellen sorry tells the AP a rainbow flag could be taken away during the World Cup If here it is I took it home It's not because I am really going to really take it to really insult him But to protect him He's concerned about the threat of violence I can not guarantee the behavior of the whole people And I will tell him please No need to really raise that flag at this point Alan Sari says he is not telling LBGTQ fans to stay away Come and watch the game Come and enjoy yourself FIFA's president says everyone will see that everyone is welcome here in Qatar even if we speak about LBGTQ I'm Ed Donahue.

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