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I don't know if i could convince myself of two things that this linebacking core is going to be able to operate gus bradley's defense and these cornerbacks are going to be able to hang in this defense and it's a different system you know it's not what paul guenther runs you know. Maybe if you're mayock you're all of a sudden looking for different guys and you're looking for different things you know. It's all these are all questions worth asking you know and so i think to me it still. It's linebacker it's cornerback. Or it's or it's offensive line but and you know. Luckily for the raiders are so bad that you know any of these seem like a good idea. So i i like the idea of jc horn. Here in a gus bradley off of that and you could take our net and make him. You're full time slot guy and Kinda kinda layer head to sleep at night and feel okay about it. I do look we have very tucker kinda sliding here. I really like tucker like. I think you could play alive. Era tucker at tackle if you wanted to. He's probably best at guard. I think we just haven't found a team with that howling. Need this point to take him off of our bore. But i like jc horn. Here if i was gonna go defense i think. That's my favorite picker for the raiders. I like it in. I think that sucker slide could be ending very soon. Ooh all right. We are onto the miami dolphins who obviously we We picked with them what to shows ago they had. They're picking up at six. We gave them jamar chess so they have at this point. You know if they hypothetically have added jomar chase along will fuller coming in this offseason than you already had monte park resume williams We can we can pretty much cross off wide receiver as a need on this board but yes so you're looking again offensive line. That is another spot you know. Kind of similar to the raiders. It's like okay. Well you have made investments air. Oh how do you feel about Austin jackson at this point as you're left tackle left tackle the future You know how do you. How do you feel about Robert hunt there. There are ways you could sort of squint and be pretty You know warm and fuzzy about this young officer line but now there are certainly spotting better here yet. Admit scurr on the off season. So you know. I think this is a good unit but again. I think that there's so much there's going to be so much effort. Put into legitimising to talk of i low and kind of making it happen from this year that i think he probably just do the same thing and and you give him a guy here. I mean i trying to think of what else you know. What else does my need. They need safety play right. They need With brian flora's could he theoretically be pounding the table for that patrick chung type player. Who can sort of arrange all the pieces. Which is why i kinda liked morag woodard from tcu. Like i thought he was a great player that could slide in nicely there but if if the value is as such in the board is set the way that it is i think it would be difficult for the to ignore someone like You know someone like that or allies ver- tucker You know kevin jenkins is still on the board Sam cosmi is still on the board. You know there's some there's some offensive line talent you know. Yeah i would And i hadn't really thought about morteza more woodard as an option. Here brian me. I liked that a lot..

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