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Well okay you know. it's i think it's all about new beginnings you now like fresh starts. I think as the world comes back. That's what it's gonna feel like. Some people are scared. Some people aren't ready but whether like it or not we're starting a new c. J. malone things are happening when you can't you can't stop it said gabon life. I want you to celebrate a fresh begin. How are you to start new. I can't find anything because things are in boxes. faulk me. let's get this show started like he's got a new house. Cj's moving lots going on. Talk with ross. Straight talk with ross with tv's broth matthews and friends there's mckee there's malone dare cj jj hip hip. Hooray it straight talk with. Ross and our secret sauce it's friendship laughter farting and set a. We'd love days. we love buffets. Oh and we're not postpones because we love our loons straight talk with ross. Think outside the box if everything a podcast should be. I'm sorry about this song. I know that it's all wrong on chart naked. Jay talk with ross. Oh yes yes oh thank hundred by that and welcome to the program. Everybody gets a reach around a cj. It's here malone. Is here in a little blond wig which i just in loving you. Nicole is here as well. Avi deal so. I'm sitting here in my new kitchen in the new house. I'm holding my microphone. Because i forgot to pack the mike stand i had to borrow. Nikki had found nikki's in the one of the guestrooms and my house right now sitting on the floor with an end table. She's down the hall. He's at your house plays. he's at my new place. You just walked it. She got here. We starting at eleven. She got ten fifty five and so she. We ran around the house. Look look look look look look and then came here. What am i getting my keys my home today so i decided to do the podcast from here with this beautiful view. And all of you and so nikki. If people know she bought a house out here and kiki leukemia. And you close like yesterday and you get the key when you get the keys. What's what's the plan. Arlene cohen. Keller williams is coming by your house. I didn't clear this with you. she's coming by your house in about an hour and a half to drop off my keys. She is arlene cohen. Keller williams can come anytime. Oh y'all have you know you'll love this. Cj we love show. We love homegoods homegoods around here. Yesterday we talked all about homo goods. How i redecorated the displays. Because i wanted to leave my legacy and i make things more beautiful yesterday i get i. I'm back and forth. This is why the house isn't unpacked. Because i'm shooting. Show that i shoot every summer but can never talk about that back here so i go in for like a day and try to do something on the burghausen the shoot and then i come out here so i get out here and i text arlene williams something. I'm like. oh my realtor. I was sending them. She goes on at home goods. And i don't know if you know this but homegoods from my new house is a three minutes away. Which is probably why i paid extra and i was like arlene. I'm headed over. She goes oh look a mess. I just went to the gym. I'm like don't worry about it. All come i show up. The manager is a straight talker. sean. I've met him. I gotta tell you this story. I was walking through with the friend of mine because he wanted to go. Buy a new rug. And then we're like sifting through the rugs. And i hear somebody go kiss kiss off. He said what the fuck. Oh it's a straight jets as the best it's the best when you're out in a powder and you hear that kiss kiss took me several times so arlene keller williams in the middle of an aisle and i hear. Is that a kiss kiss. And i was in that homegoods the other day and then i went to. Our branch are bubbly branch on sunday. Which by the way was a huge success. Sold out the next two weeks or sold out already one of our listeners. Jim eleven was guest of sarah sanchez. From less than seven news and he goes. I saw you in homegoods with dr fiancee yesterday. But you're going to bother you. Had in your hands. Because i go to homegoods right like i don't need a cart. Why car cart. And then i end up like you know balancing a vase on my neck like how you used to hold the phone at the court. Your you know your shoulder to your neck or whatever yeah target syndrome. Because you can't go to target that target. I don't need a car. And then i'm like oh my god. I'm trying to juggle all this. Well i didn't. I just wanted to go browse with arlene cohen. Keller williams and i ended up buying large painting a tray and one the thing i can't remember. Oh man i mean. I think addiction at this point i think it might be. I'm in your guest room right now. And i see things that i might shop and take i got scattered about this nicole boyer so that table that you're you have your computer on right now would it looks like a log turn sideways cut in half lacquer lacquer arlene collin keller williams. She's at a thrift stores. She goes oh look at these tables. Do you like them. I said i'm coming to thirty five dollars. i'm coming. I love these tables. Go with dr fiancee. We get them. There's a thing written on the bottom when they were made and they look handcrafted. We google it. They're for sale right now on the internet for twenty five hundred dollars a piece and i got thirty five dollars. A piece was yes. Arlene colin keller. Williams says it all the time. She buys things that they're sort of them puts them on consignment stores and make some money buying a hold a good deal. I found a good job gucci belt six dollars and she sells it. Wow that's nikki. How are you feeling about getting the keys. It is emotional. This is the first time you've really ever like purchased. Well well you had a home back in the day but you and tommy. This is your home together. How are you feeling first and foremost. I'm feeling really good about this salad that you purchased for me that i'm studying thank you. You're welcome and know how much let the people love when i eat and negative. All i have to say doesn't feel real yet because when you purchase a home and buy my when i say this stuff out loud. I can't even believe that. I get to say this out loud. I it does not fall short on me that this is amazing. But when i when you purchase a home away from where you live you have to make decisions kind of based on kind of based on like just what you see in five minutes. So tommy and i walked into this house. We start for pipe for five minutes. We made an offer and then we drove away and we haven't seen it since. So here's a little part of me. That's like i don't really know what it i've seen photos. I'm so excited so it doesn't feel real yet so today we go there together and unload my car. I think it'll be the first time that i feel like it's like it's real this. I wonder i bet you're going to get emotional when you get your keys. I mean it's an hour and a half. So i don't know if like what if arlene cohen were to walk into that room. You're in right now with the keys to your house and give them to. You live on the program. Oh my god look at dickey's jumping up and down. Arlene coin just snuck into the house. There she is. Oh my god. Welcome to the program. My realtor to the stars arlene calling.

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