Conor Mcgregor, MMA, Conner discussed on MMA Junkie Radio - Episode 2515: Kevin Lee, Simon Samano


The nice way of saying man he's just not that good at boxing is awkward he's awkward that little guy over there that's conor mcgregor isn't that he's awkward he's just not a good boxer he's a great fighter naked bodies a great fighter he's not awkward he's a great mma for eight is boxing firmer amazed great for mma right got you got to say that in the professional ranks he's just not just about anyone that you porn that's that hasn't been doing this i king most said on a daily basis you're gonna look that way what's crazy as they are not fighting in the biggest fight of their lives against the greatest boxer of all time i know we've getting paid a lot of money so i get way did it and i think he still has the supreme confidence that he's got a onehitter quitter that he packs his left mit and maybe he can pull it off so therefore yourselves all these chips in in the reactions he's mystic mack i told you so and everything grows whereas anybody else that takes on these challenges always goes in a little bit of hesitant and so nobody's keno everybody's like good luck if you get it but this guy's made everybody believer that's why everyone goes in with them that's the genius of of conor mcgregor it's just a tough looking at that way him and i we're talking about earlier before the show people look at boxing based on their main events right they don't really look the undercard how many fights happen but if you look at how many fights happen on a card every week there aren't that many one hitter quitters okay it just doesn't happen let's say it does happen dudes got ten seconds to get back up and regroup not like mma where conner can go down and in capitalize on that moment so then now you've got to look at it as let's say hit it.

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