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Adams from the Addams family, because if you like she has the ability to stay cool. Amongst the chaos of her family. And that is admirable because we all have crazy family straight, or at least that guy. That's crazy. I'm Michael, just always keeps her cool. And she's I mean she always knows how to get her husband, like engine like she just knows how to play that whole family like a fiddle. She is in control of that whole place. All right. So she's awesome. She knows how to keep her husband Gomez, Taylor. What any any honorable mentions? Yeah. I'd like to give a shout out to Tammy Taylor from Friday night lights. Don't know either of you watch the show, but it's great. She is such a great mom and such a great wife and has a really fun personality. And one of my favorite quotes, but she says to her daughter is the big deal is that it's part of my job, to make sure that you don't grow up stupid. It's bad for the world. It's true. So really love Tammy Taylor. Definitely recommend Friday night lights. My, my next one on my list was Martha Kent. I mean the talk talk about her name saved saved the world that you say that name. Yeah. She was on my list, too. Yeah. She she. She took an alien from the middle of the cornfield and raised him. Like he was her own son. Some might say that's insane 's, but him he he had those, it was because of her that he didn't go nuts. Zach take over the. Or this is injustice video Nick, any other honorable mentions. The only other ones I could say is Connor. There is a bomb, and then I also thought of kanga from Winnie the Pooh. Okay. Because she, she kind of has a ADD son. And she kind of has, you know, she's got to deal with that. And then she even takes in even more ADD son and lets her like let's tigger common live in the forest and then there's not a lot of women. That would keep their cool if they're baby was replaced with a little pig, and their child was abducted like candidate. So she's pretty awesome like levelheaded and she has a dry sense of humor, which makes me happy. So kanga I think she's the. The lesser thought hero of respected us. She should be the unsung. Yeah, unsung. Hero women anymore. My last one is Lor like Gilmore, from Gilmore girls. She's a terrible mother though. She I know she is she yells at the end of the revival. I was waiting for somebody to say either her or. Yeah. Emily mall. Feel better mother at the end of the show at the end of the show. Yes, I will say, well, that's only that's only after she's a deeply flawed mother like many mothers are. It's true. It's true, but she she's not also she, she had one kid is Admiral about Laura life. You You know. know. And the one thing that is very admirable about her is that she is always, even if it is, like her intentions are completely wrong, and flawed. Her intention is always about. She's a really good, intentions, and cheese, independent and. I know see it was as an honorable mention because I knew that you would give me flat for it. All right. I got a couple more. I've got I've never seen the show. But you gotta put the mother of dragons to target area on there. After. Because she they've been foreshadowing that the entire series. I know me too and everyone, that's like this is so I've never seen an episode. Can I knew that would happen? She's got dragons. Of course. She's going to court. Her dad was called the mad king. And they just started talking about it all the time for the season. She's going to attack with dragons as as much as I will say, I'm going to edit out a half of a word that I said earlier. Yeah, yeah. She's got dragons, I would use dragging if five if I if I was the mother of dragons, so. I've also got on their Lucille ball from I love Lucy..

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