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Federal felon? Okay. So what am I doing? I'm spending an inordinate amount of time trying to convince the court that, you know, this is a really big deal and the ATS got it all wrong. It's purely a political response. I mean Trump I mean voted for him. I can't stand this decision. I think it's wrong. I don't think the agency has the story after they've been doing one thing the same way for, you know, ten years like they say it's been like fifteen years they've been doing anything over and over, and then all of a sudden one crime, and we don't even know that bump stocks were used and people say, that's crazy talk. I've heard the audio. No. Yeah. You've heard the audio. But no ACS the ATF is not done technical examinations on the right? Well, I've been been confirmed with me through four different people at the ATF and DOJ. That's why pseudo to get those records the FBI. I don't know if they've done it. I assume they have anyway. Not answer your question. Let me go back. What am I doing? That's okay. Listen, I'm gonna go right ahead. Yeah. I'm trying to get the rule stopped like now stop now. And then work out where we go from here. But we don't get an injunction on the twenty six it's gonna be Diane Feinstein's dream, Mr.. And MRs America, turn them all in and what's that date? Stephen. We're getting ready to take a break. We've got about twenty seconds. So let me just marginally this March twenty six so I'm okay right now you March twenty six right? Okay. When we come back from this break, I want to go back to the beginning. David, you know, I know mR Aitken's, well Aitken's has been on this program a number of times, and I'm intimately familiar with what that man went through from day one up until now, and I wanna tie this all together over the course of the next hour listener, this is not about bump stocks. This is about what they can descried anytime..

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