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The trees and the four day WBZ accu weather forecast now with dean devore how we looking today dean and looks good there is a lot of sun glare and situations that are coming up in the next couple of hours as the sun comes up but it's full in your face sales we get into the afternoon. you will see an increase in clouds and it will be some showers saving moving through the city in coastal areas later in the afternoon and evening so it's a sunglasses morning into umbrella afternoon and evening here in the meantime temperatures going to warm up to near eighty today dad tonight slows down the fifty is not quite as warm tomorrow back in the mid seventies with bright sunny skies nice day Saturday again closing on on eighty degrees by in the afternoon for the city of Allen Spotts mid seventies at the beach is a shower thunderstorm Saturday night and looks cooler but nice on Sunday with sun and clouds and highs in the low to mid seventies Sam accu weather meteorologist either for WBZ bosses newsradio Randolph checks in with a partly cloudy sky fifty seven degrees is fifty seven in Duxbury sunny in Boston and sixty hi today near eighty six fifty six now on the ring central news line parents of Mexican students of doctors in the town of Iguala are demanding justice five years after their disappearance CBS is Adrian bard reports the forty three missing students have come to symbolize Mexico's horrific battle with drug gangs and corrupt politicians and they still haven't been found. the appearance took to the streets as Mexico's current president has called for a new investigation the previous administration considered the case solved but fifty three of the one hundred and forty two suspects charged have been freed due to irregularities Adrian barred CBS news Mexico City heating appliance malfunction leads to an evacuation yesterday at the Dawson elementary school and hold and no one was hurt a smoke and high carbon monoxide levels were contained invented out of the boiler room classes are due to be back in session this morning Kanye west's latest album which was expected to drop.

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