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And Bob Kind of like peanut butter and jelly. They go well, together. Uh, well, two cars coming together, Not a good thing and happened a while ago on Route one and still problems. Let's find out more with New Jersey. Fast traffic. No, Bob. It appears they were making a little bit of progress. Now on Route one through North Brunswick. Now, keep in mind. They've had the roadway shutdown Andy toward for about the past hour for a crash investigation just south of Route 1 30 but it looks like they're getting set to reopen the North bound lanes of Route one. Approaching Route 1 30 So good news there. It looks like the earlier delays using out South Route one still shut down, though for the crash investigation, So if you're heading south of Milltown Road, you can expect a detour on Route one in North Brunswick. Also, if you're heading north on the turnpike, we're hearing about an overturned vehicle in the truck lanes just after 88 but it looks like that's off to the shoulder sort of laser fairly light through South Brunswick. And if you're heading north on the parkway through Woodbridge, you've still got the left shoulder. Shut down right around Exit 1 31 That's a vehicle off the road way you might tap the brakes on to 95. South bound between exit 57 45 2 lane shut down for overnight construction. And you'll definitely hit the brakes on Route 17. South bound. That's some very heavy construction traffic coming out of the Ridgewood area Back in Paramus. Still good to go across the Hudson. I spot no construction of the W. B. Lincoln or Holland hand. Delaware crossings all look good to traffic every 15 minutes. Next reports of 11 03 From the Plymouth Rock Traffic desk. I'm Jeff from New Jersey one a one point I remember sports going to see baseball basketball with Gilbert each your favorite summer sports aren't off. It's just like they're on a really long rain delay because your favorite ballgame treats are on overeat, ballpark dogs, their own shakes and burgers from shake shack on fries, not chosen pretzels on on and on. Summer is.

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