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And now move the sticks with Daniel, Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks, what's up, everybody, DJ and Rhett here for move. The sticks Bucky is out and about on the bowl circuit. And so we have the people you in the house. What's he's back with man? Glad to be back here. I tell you what you know, all the podcast. I listen to I love the ten takeaways, so I might just come in and sit down and listen, the permanent you could be the permanent. Ten takeaway TV you here we go. This is gosh, I always feel. It's a busy day by there's do you feel guilty? We just had seven hours of television coverage on what everybody calls black Monday. We just call. It the aftermath of the season our regular show, the aftermath is two hours seven hours of coverage. We have eight coaches that are without jobs, and I feel like we can't roll through it. We're talking about who the next guy is going to be what went wrong what went right? And then as somebody that grew up in a football family as you did. And haven't been in that world myself, you know, how many people this impacts with family. So I it's just always feel weird on a day. Like today, I've been on the our family has been on the wrong end of this day twice now once New Orleans and once in Washington, and and so that is not lost on me. And that's not lost on anybody that we sit at the round table with on the aftermath. And I think that's important to note on daylight today. Because I mean, I kind of emotional thinking about it and talking about it. And because it right? It's not just who's going to be coach for your team. It's like, where's this? Where's where's my? Son going to school where we going to have to move to the so many domino effects. No doubt. But we do have a lot to get to on. Our takeaway, we always do this each and every week the ten takeaway podcast. Normally it's based off what's taken place on the field. We've mixed this in a little bit though with some of the changes and turnover as well as what took place on the final weekend of NFL football. So I'll start off, and let's let's look to the future here. Because in my opinion, the Cleveland Browns job you heard me right is the.

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