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For free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. A list of episodes that we used will be posted in the episode description. Today we're discussing cases of Duck Shen and examining some of the most infamous kidnappings throughout true crime. History abductions often bring to mind. A certain stereotypical image for half a child being lured into an unmarked ban or a Predator crawling into a woman's room while she sleeps. But what if there's more to it than just strangers with candy in reality abductions occur everywhere and can happen to anyone of the tactics and motivations of the criminals behind them are often varied and complex psychologists Diana m cannon categorizes abductions into four types predatory profit political and revenge predatory kidnappings are often what we think of in those stereotypical scenarios. These abductions are almost always sexually motivated and tend to be committed by men who target female victims. They don't know or don't know well but not. Every abduction is driven by sexual intention and the dynamic doesn't necessarily have to include male doctor and a female victim revenge kidnappings for instance are not typically gender-specific that are motivated by desire to seek retribution. These abductions typically happen when the victim or someone close to the victim has slighted or upset the captor in some way however like predatory kidnappings the objective of the abduction is delicious and done for the sake of harming another person. But this isn't the case for many abductions in fact -mongst carried out as a means to an end or larger objective for instance profit kidnapping is described by Dr Cannon as abductions carried out in the hope of securing a ransom typically money for the safe return of the victim profit kidnappers typically target public figures or the wealthy anyone they believe could provide them leverage in a potential negotiation situation similarly profit kidnapping is closely related to political kidnapping though the targets of political kidnappings tend to be similar. Their objectives differ instead of profit political kidnappers. Aim to spark political unrest or a draw attention to cause however like profit kidnapping political kidnapping is a means to an end. The true objective of the abduction is using them as a tool in order to obtain some connected goal rather than gaining control of the dictum alone in our clips. Today we'll discuss these types of abductions in detail and see how these motivations whether sadistic or ideological play out through some of the most infamous criminal cases. We'll begin with a clip from podcast original serial killers covering one of America's most notorious murderers ted. Bundy Bundy became a household name in the nineteen seventies after abducting and killing dozens of women across the country. Because Ted Bundy was a lust killer is murders and thus abductions were sexually motivated making Bundy. The perfect example of predatory kidnapper. Dr Kincannon explains that predatory kidnappers typically abduct their victims either through Physical Force or deception. Bundy however use both. He was infamous for his charisma and good looks making him. Especially adept at luring victims however. These attributes hardly mattered when the killer decided to attack in the dead of night. When victims were unconscious there was no need for persuasion or pleasantries. Bundy was free to unleash the monster underneath the charming facade and in nineteen thousand nine hundred seventy four with the kidnapping and murder of Linda Healy. Ted Bundy demonstrated just how depraved. He really wants this time. Ted had a new plan. He wasn't going to murder Linda in her bedroom and risk being caught instead he abducted her with Linda out cold. Ted removed her now bloodstained nightgown and dressed her in a pair of jeans and a t shirt. He then made her bed concealing her bloody sheets and carried her away. Where Ted took Linda next is unclear wherever it was. He raped her and murdered her then. He left her body on the side of Taylor. Mountain over thirty miles east of Seattle. It was a horrific sequence of events the first performance of a routine that Ted would repeat dozens of times but Linda. Healy's disappearance wasn't just the beginning of Ted's bloodlust. It was also the start of a massive investigation the next morning when Linda failed to show up to the radio station to broadcast her daily Ski Report. Her coworkers knew there was something amiss. Linda would never just not show up to work. She was responsible girl bright successful and well known in the community not the kind of college student to disappear into thin air. The authorities expected foul play from the very beginning. When police searched Linda's bedroom they found several items missing including a few pieces of Linda's clothes and her house keys. Mysteriously the back door was also left unlocked. Something Linda's room mates insisted she had never done before. When detectives peeled back the sheets on her perfectly made bed. They discovered a small bloodstain upon further investigation. They Linda's blood soaked nightgown in the closet. It was clear now someone had taken Linda Healy. It was all too familiar to the Seattle. Pd They had seen a crime just as brutal barely a month before and only blocks away. The attempted murder of Karen sparks. Finally the police had made a connection but it would be months before the investigation would gain traction.

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